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Say goodbye to chemicals in your bathroom

Feb 15, 2024

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It is the new year so what better way to start the year clean & green and say goodbye to chemicals in your bathroom. In our opinion, there are many reasons to switch to natural skincare and cosmetics products. Would you like to know more about why exactly you should choose natural ingredients? Then read this article first. 

Going all natural can feel overwhelming. Where do you even start? We created a step by step mini guide, to guide you through this journey. Whether you're a newbie or a clean skincare pro, these Nourished picks are a must-try. Let's have a look at your daily routine.

Step 1. Clean Natural Smile

Brushing our teeth is an essential part of our daily routine. Most people have been using plastic toothbrushes for too long and when it breaks down, microplastics are created. This can cause inflammations in the body and is bad for the environment and our wildlife. A simple swap is to use our Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush with Natural Toothpaste to get your breath extra fresh. Oh! And please don't forget to cleane your tongue with the Copper Tongue Cleaner. Want to find out why cleaning your tongue is a very important thing to do?


Step 2. Soft, clear skin

Clean skin, the name says it already. There are many benefits for switching your regular skincare to natural skincare. Conventional skincare may contain synthetic chemicals that have been associated with various concerns, including skin allergies, irritations, hormonal disruption and many more. So it is important to be aware of what we expose our skin to, it is crucial for our health and well-being. People often assume that natural skincare products aren't as effective, as a matter of fact they are but they work without harsh chemicals which are damaging the skin. Our natural bestsellers:

+ Goji Face & Body Cleansing Oil
+ Ageless AHA Glow Concentrate
+ Bf - Restore Face & Body Serum
+ Superdose Luminosity Masque



Step 3. Hair treatments

Switching your hair care is often a big step but, gentler, NaturalHairCaremore natural haircare products often aim to preserve the natural oils in your hair while cleansing it effectively. Ingredients like plant-based extracts, essential oils, and sulfate-free cleansers can help maintain a better balance, leaving your hair clean without overly drying it out. Say goodbye to your toxic haircare products with the beautiful products from Sans Ceuticals. Our favourite is the Nourishing Hair  Pack / Shampoo and Conditioner, it's effective and looks aesthetically pleasing in your bathroom. 


Step 4. Cleanse & Refresh

Why put toxic chemicals onto our body if you can switch easily to natural body care. Natural body care reduces inflammation and moisturises, leaving the skin clean, calm & soft. Take care of yourself and your body with these clean & green products.

+ Daily Body Wash
+ Daily Face + Body Scrub
+ Daily Body Lotion


Step 5. Natural Deodorant

After showering, your next logical step will be to put on some deodorant. Sweating is your body's natural ways of throwing away any chemicals, and toxins.
Apply our Natural Deodorant Stick from Nourished Daily to allow your body to naturally detoxify without clogging sweat glands with aluminum. When you first make the switch from regular to natural deodorant, be patient. Your body will start sweating and detoxifying again. This side effect actually helps you become healthier and will likely calm down as your body returns to its natural rhythm and balance. You and your armpits will love it! 

Step 6. SPF

With up to 80% of the signs of ageing being from sun damage, applying a natural sunscreen daily is just as important as your day cream. Protect your skin with Natural Sunscreen with SPF30 from Little Urchin. If your skin needs that extra bit of colour, try the Natural Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30. Would you like to check out all our foundations and sunscreens? Discover the best products for you in the sunscreen collectionSPF

Here you go! Your step by step guide to make the switch to natural products in your bathroom. Please remember, transitioning from conventional to natural-skin and hair-care products can be a process. Your skin and hair needs time to adjust. It doesn't mean the natural products aren't working, they just need a bit more time to show results. Patience is key with this one.

If you have any questions, doubts or need advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us via or sent us a DM on instagram.

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