Clay Mask

There are many kinds of face masks, but have you ever heard of a clay mask? A clay face mask is your partner in crime for healthy and glowing skin. Due to its deep cleansing qualities and numerous benefits, a clay mask is a must-have in your skincare routine.


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What is a clay mask?

A clay mask is a skin care product formulated with different types of clays, such as kaolin, zeolite and bentonite. These types of clay are known for their nourishing and purifying characteristics. When you apply a clay face mask, it dries, deeply cleansing pores and getting rid of blemishes. Fresh skin is guaranteed!  


When should you use a clay mask?

You may be wondering, is a clay face mask for me and when should I use it? The answer is very simple: a clay mask is ideal for all skin types and can be used weekly as part of your skincare routine. Whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin, there is definitely a clay mask that suits your skin type. Also, a clay mask is ideal for times when the skin can use extra care, such as after exposure to pollution or after wearing makeup for a long time. 

Benefits of clay face mask

A clay mask has many benefits and we have listed them specially for you:

  • The absorbing qualities of a clay mask help gently draw excess dirt and sebum out of the pores. This results in clean and clear skin. 
  • Regular use of a clay mask reduces imperfections. Hello, flawless skin! 
  • Clay face masks remove dead skin cells, refining the skin texture.
  • Some clays, such as kaolin, have soothing properties that reduce redness and irritation. Perfect for sensitive skin. 

Best natural clay masks

Here at Nourished, we have a range of clay face masks. Looking for a clay mask that hydrates and soothes irritated skin? Choose the Instant Glow Face Mask from Retreatment Botanics or the Face Compost Purple Power Mask from Eco Tan.  Another extra perk of these clay masks is that they have a fun coloring :). The Wild Berry Honey Cleanse Mask deeply exfoliates the skin, leaving you with silk-soft, glowy skin in no time. Another clay mask from Wildcrafted Organics is the Native Hibiscus Active Enzyme Polish. The rice powder and clay in this cleansing mask, works to remove dirt, oil and impurities from your pores.