Natural Exfoliator

Do you struggle with dry, dull, or flaky skin? Exfoliating your face or using a facial scrub is the answer! Explore the range of natural facial scrubs and exfoliators at Nourished.
We offer a wide variety of physical and chemical exfoliators and facial scrubs, using natural ingredients like coffee, sand, or fruit acids to exfoliate your skin. Create a fresh and hydrated skin with these natural facial scrubs.

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Bio Active Exfoliant

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Sans [ceuticals]

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Why a natural Face scrub?

Be gentle and kind to the skin on your face. The skin on your face, as you've likely noticed, is more sensitive and is thinner compared to the skin on your body. Therefore, it's essential to use a natural exfoliant or facial scrub specifically designed for your face. These natural exfoliators contain smaller particles to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth skin. Interested in using a facial scrub? Then learn more about using a facial scrub;Do I really  need to exfoliate my face.

How to Exfoliate Your Face

Choose a facial scrub or exfoliant from a reliable natural beauty brand with fine grains. We have carefully selected our favorite facial scrubs, especially developed for the delicate skin from the face.After cleansing your face, apply a chickpea-sized amount of scrub to your fingers, gently distributing it in a circular motion over your face. Avoid pressing the facial scrub too hard on your skin, and steer clear of the skin around your eyes during facial exfoliation. Add a bit of water and repeat the circular motions, rinse your face clean, and voila! You've created soft, healthy, new skin cells. Apply a moisturizer, facial oil, or face serum. After exfoliating your face, these products are absorbed better. Repeat this 1 to 3 times per week.

Different types of exfoliators

At Nourished, we have various types of facial scrubs and exfoliators. These can be grain-based, such as coffee, sand, or salt, which we also call a physical facial scrub. Then you have an enzymatic facial scrub, which is based on fruit acids or AHA’s, also known as a peel. If you want to learn more about an exfoliant based on AHA's, read more about the benefits of AHA’s.

Best natural exfoliator

Depending on your skin type, we can determine the best exfoliant for your face. We are fans of the Daily Scrub from Nourished Daily because it can be used for both your face and body. If you're looking for a more luxurious option, go for the Native Hibiscus Active Enzyme Polish or Refining Face Polish. For teenagers, the Polish-Me Exfoliator is a good choice. And for anyone looking for the best exfoliant with AHA’s, try the Ageless AHA Glow Concentrate.