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The benefits of AHAs

Oct 19, 2023

The benefits of AHAs

You probably have seen the term AHA coming up more and more often in the skincare landscape. These days, many products contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids, a.k.a. AHAs. But what does this actually mean and what can AHA do for your skin? After reading this blog, you will be fully informed about the wonderful world of AHAs and the benefits it offers!

What are AHAs?

AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid and this ingredient belongs to the same family as BHAs and PHAs. These fruit acids are very functional and will remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Glycolic acid and lactic acid are the two most common fruit acids of AHAs that you find in skin care products.

The benefits of AHAs

AHA has multiple plus points, making it a valuable addition to your skincare routine:

+ Exfoliates the skin
By exfoliating your skin, you remove dead skin cells, which promotes smooth skin texture, giving you radiant, glowy skin and a healthy teint.

+ Youthful appearance
AHAs contain calcium, a mineral. Calcium promotes the production of new skincells which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

+ Hydration boost
AHAs also moisturizes the skin, collagen and hyaluronic acid leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and the combination of these ingredients give you plump skin.

+ Reduces acne
As AHA exfoliates the skin, it also reduces clogged pores and the change of pimples. Hello glow! 

AHA in your skincare routine

There are several types of skincare products that contain fruit acids. These range from powerful peels that you can use once a week to serums and toners for daily use, for milder exfoliation. 

AHAs are appropriate for every skin type, but if you have dry or sensitive skin, we recommend proceeding with caution. It is also important to note that products with AHA are best applied in the evening, as the ingredient is sensitive to the sun. Do you still prefer to  apply it in the morning? No problem! Make sure you finish your skincare routine with an SPF. And remember, when adding a product with fruit acids to your routine, it's best to do it gradually, so your skin can slowly get used to these amazing ingredients.

Superdose Luminosity Masker | Sans ceuticals | Nourished

Products with AHA

Here at Nourished, we have many different types of skincare products with AHA. Wondering which product suits your skin type best? Discover all the AHA products.

We have already selected our favorites for you:

+ Ageless AHA Glow Concentrate 
This multipurpose superstar from Retreatment Botanics is a powerful toner and exfoliant in one and is a Nourished Team favorite.

+ Superdose Luminosity Masque
This masque from Sans [ceuticals] leaves your skin hydrated and glowing and contains 5% Lactic Acid.

Enzyme MicroPolish | Ipsum Skin | Nourished

+ Enzyme MicroPolish
If you struggle with dull or blemished skin, this exfoliant powder from Ipsum Skin is your lifesaver. You can create a very lovely ritual for yourself with this micropolish!

+ Caviar Lime AHA Resurfacing Serum
This natural serum from Raww is also an exfoliant that works perfectly if you’re dealing with dark spots and pigmentation. A nice serum for the somewhat younger skins among us. 

Any questions about AHA’s or how to use the products? Contact us via web chat, Instagram or email. We are happy to help!