Natural Body Scrub 

Dull, dry, flaky skin? Using a body scrub is the answer! Explore the Nourished range of clean and green scrubs and indulge your skin with coffee, exotic sand & salt. Get fresh & hydrated skin with iconic products from international cult clean beauty brands.


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Daily Face + Body Scrub

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Tasmanian Sand Scrub

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Coffee Scrub Cleanse Bar


Activate Body Scrub

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Coconut Body Scrub

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Honey Almond Body Scrub

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Lavender Body Scrub

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Blood Orange Body Scrub

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Daily Body Trio

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The Power Couple Pack

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Why buy a body scrub?

The skin continually renews itself, taking about 4 weeks for the entire epidermis to renew. A layer of dead skin cells forms on top of your skin, also called the keratin cells. By removing these dead skin cells with a body scrub, you reveal a fresh, new baby skin. This makes dull skin a thing of the past. For most people, scrubbing your body 1 to 2 times a week is sufficient. In addition to giving your skin a beautiful glow, using a body scrub also ensures that your body lotion is better absorbed. Nourished Tip: when shaving your legs, use a body scrub first to remove dead skin cells. This allows you to shave closer to the skin, for even smoother legs.

Different types of natural scrub

At Nourished, we have different types of body scrub. Including a natural scrub in a jar, these are based on sea salt and also contain a generous amount of oil. Bye bye dry skin! The Nourished Daily Face + Body scrub is based on almond shell powder, these very fine particles allow the body scrub to be used from head to toe. We also have a solid soap bar body scrub based on coffee, this Nourished Daily Coffee Scrub cleanse bar is economical and easy to take with you when traveling. Additionally, there is a variety of body scrubs based on sand grains and bamboo grains. Looking for a natural scrub for your face? Then also check out our exfoliators.

Best natural body scrub

When it comes down to the best natural body scrub, you've come to the right place at Nourished. The variety of different body scrubs ensures that there is a suitable body scrub for every skin type and in every price category. The body scrubs do not dry out your skin, and that's a big bonus. We couldn't live without a good body scrub. So you can confidently buy a scrub.