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Do I Really Need to Exfoliate My Face?

Oct 07, 2018

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Do I really need to exfoliate my face?


We hear this question from our natural beauty community almost daily. We totally get that it can seem like a hassle that adds another step to your beauty regime and therefore time & effort. But this is one step that will pay dividends when it comes to your skin's health & appearance!




You see the skin on your face is similar to the skin on your body, it is made up of three layers, the outermost being the epidermis. This layer consists mainly of cells called keratinocytes, which are made from the tough protein keratin (also a component of  hair and nails).


New cells are constantly formed at the bottom of the epidermis, and the existing cells are pushed up toward the surface & die. These dead cells remain at the surface of the skin creating an outer layer of the skin called the stratum corneum. Eventually though, as new cells are pushed up and die, the top layer of dead cells flake off. This process is continuous and the regenerative capacity of the epidermis is such that it replaces itself every 30 days!


Unfortunately as we age that natural exfoliation process slows down and rather than the outer layer of dead cells efficiently shedding, they hang around creating dull, flaky & even scaly skin, reducing your skin’s ability to regulate oil production and excrete toxicity. BUT here is the kicker… when these dead cells hang around they also prevent you from being able to absorb that expensive serum and moisturiser you invested in!


So if you ask us, the answer is Yes. You do need to exfoliate your face. IF you wish to ensure healthy, glowing skin and get the most out of your beauty products. We recommend adding facial exfoliation to your routine 1 -3 times a week depending on your skin sensitivity.  




Wondering how you exfoliate your face? We recommend using a natural scrub that you have either made yourself or purchased from a reliable natural brand. Our favourites are:

+ Sans [ceuticals] Bio Active Body Exfoliant: made with facial-grade bamboo grounds, ginseng and shea butter to gently yet effectively smooth your skin

+ Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub:  A divine blend of healing Pink Himalayan Salt combined with coconut oil, peppermint & lemongrass. Both of which can be used on the body as well as the face.  

+ Nourished Daily Coffee Body Scrub Cleanse Bar made with upcycled coffee grounds, this body scrub bar will kickstart your skin and your day!


Expert tips! 


Our tips for exfoliating success:

+ Don’t over scrub! You only want to gently slough the top layer of dead skin cells away! Stop if your skin becomes red or starts to flake.
+ Avoid sensitive areas like the eyes.
+ Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips! The key to a perfect lipstick pout is well exfoliated & well hydrated lips.


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