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Is there such a thing as beauty sleep?

Feb 07, 2024

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It is often said, but is it true that sleeping would make you more beautiful? We will dive into this subject and find that out for you!

First of all, why is sleep so important anyway?

Sleep ensures an inner cleaning of your brain. Did you know that in a way sleeping makes you smarter?
A good night's sleep helps you remember things better. The connections between brain cells change when you sleep, allowing them to become stronger. In addition, sleeping helps process emotions. Sleep makes you more relaxed, giving your body time to process emotions. But most importantly, sleep affects your health a lot. Enough sleep positively affects your immune system, making you more resistant to diseases and infections. Sleep also affects your mental health. Of course, you wonder how many hours of sleep is enough. The minimum is around 7 hours of sleep, but 9 hours can't hurt either :)

But does sleeping make you even prettier?

A good night's sleep is essential for radiant and healthy skin! While you sleep, your skin cells regenerate twice as fast as during the day. This makes your skin firmer, brighter, and younger. Moreover, collagen production is stimulated, contributing to an extra healthy look. To boost your collagen try this Marine Collagen Supplement from Vida Glow, a clinically proven peptide powder that stimulates collagen production. During sleep, free radicals are removed from your body, and the damage done to your skin during the day (by air conditioning, UV rays, and exhaust fumes, for example) is repaired. So snuggle up and give your skin the rest it needs.

These are enough reasons to pay extra attention to your sleep. But how do you do that?  We've lined up a bunch of tips for you:

Night Routine

It is not always easy, but maintaining a rhythm is better for your body. Changing bedtimes can throw your body off balance. So try to go to bed and get up at set times.

Relax or meditate 

If you don't relax enough before sleeping, you may wake up again during the night. This reduces the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it is important to go to sleep as relaxed as possible.

Meditating woman with plants

Quiet surroundings

Make sure you have a nice environment when you go to sleep such as; a tidy room, a nice pillow, and clean blankets. Using a pillowcase from Dore & Rose made with Mulberry silk, a natural fibre that fights bacteria, will wake you up even fresher.  Lighting a nice scented natural candle or using a diffuser with essential oils will also help, so you can relax from the scent. The Slumber Essential Oil Blend from Black Chicken is very relaxing and natural and organic.


Pamper yourself

Personal grooming already makes you feel refreshed and ready for bed. A good way to support your skin's recovery process is to use a quality night cream or mask. These will ensure the skin is intensely hydrated, making the recovery process even more effective. With Superdose Sleep Infusion Masque by Sans [ceuticals], you will get soft, clear skin that glows from within while you sleep. This face mask is packed with the best ingredients, such as Manuka Honey, Mamaku, Red Algae, and Kawakawa, which work as a dream team to restore and brighten your skin. Fall asleep and wake up with hydrated and beautiful skin!

Superdose Sleep Infusion Masque van Sans (ceuticals)

Limit food and drinks

To sleep like a rose, it is smart to set a screen time limit. Enjoying gaming or scrolling through social media can wreak havoc on your brain. A snack before bed can help, but make sure it's not too much and easily digestible. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to fall asleep. That cup of espresso or a glass of wine? Nice for a party, but not for your biological clock.


So it is true, sleep has a lot of impact on your health and appearance. After using these tips, you will wake up feeling a lot more rested and even more beautiful.



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