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Cyclical Living

Mar 09, 2023

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Many people who menstruate will experience this as something annoying. But what if we say that you can also make use of this? Understanding your menstrual cycle, that's what 'Cyclical Living' is all about. In this article we tell you more about the trend that you will now see everywhere and we will explain how you can take advantage of it.

Getting grip on your cycle

It starts with gaining insight on your cycle. That means keeping track of your menstruation and knowing what happens when in your body. This can be done, for example, through various apps that have been designed for this purpose. Our hormones have a lot of influence on our body. So it's only valuable to learn to understand and deal with it, right? We will give you more information about 'Cyclical Living'.

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You may relate, one week you are full of energy, you are super productive and it feels like you can handle anything. While the other week you are tired quickly and feeling down. This may have to do with which phase of your menstrual cycle you are in at that moment. There are four phases within your menstrual cycle. They all have their own influence on you due to the hormone changes. By gaining more insight into this, you know better when you experience something and how you can deal with it. You can take this into consideration in your daily planning, so that you can live with less discomfort.

The menstrual cycle can be divided into two main phases. Namely the follicular phase, this is the beginning of your period. And the luteal phase, this is the period of ovulation. There are four periods within the main phases, which are referred to as the four seasons. Interested? Click through for more information about the phases of your menstrual cycle.

Continue to read about the phases: 'The four stages of your menstrual cycle'

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