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The four stages of your menstruation cycle

Mar 09, 2023

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As we told you in the "Cyclical Living" blog, living in sync with your menstrual cycle can help you in your daily life. In this article we will tell you more about the different phases of your cycle and give you related tips & tricks!


This phase is the start of your period and lasts on average 3 to 7 days. Just like during the winter, you prefer to be indoors during this phase of your period. Literally and figuratively in this case. Your hormones are at their lowest during this time, so you can feel withdrawn and lacking energy. Focusing on yourself, reflecting, gaining new insights and having love for yourself all helps during this period.

Skin care tips
Your skin can be a bit oilier due to the amount of progesterone in your body. This can cause impurities. A calming and hydrating product is best for this. For example, one with salicylic acid or niacinamide. This way you get more control of your sebum production and you fight impurities.

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+ Cellular Repair Body + Face Lotion, Sans Ceuticals
This lotion with niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, can help reduce redness and calm inflammation. While at the same time stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

+ White Tea Phyto-Retinol Elixir, Ere Perez
This natural retinol elixir is a real powerhouse when it comes to softening your skin and reducing impurities. The elixir does not strip the skin or leave it feeling dry. Also, with niacinamide which helps for the impurities.

Nutrition tips
Just like during the wintertime, you go for warm and filling meals during this period. Such as a tasty meal soup or an oven dish. Choose foods rich in magnesium and iron. Tip, iron is better absorbed in combination with vitamin C. You can find this in, for example, broccoli, cabbage, (sweet) potato and fruit such as black currants. Proteins are especially important during this period. You now want to get enough protein. This can be done, for example, through grains and legumes.

Exercise tips
This is a period of rest and turning to yourself. Adjust your movement accordingly. If you like to do some kind of exercise, this is the perfect time to do yoga. Because this is soothing for both your body and your mind. It could even bring you new insights!


This phase lasts about 7 to 10 days and is called the follicular phase. Your body begins to prepare for ovulation during this time, so your estrogen levels begin to rise. Which means that you start to feel a bit more energetic again and your self-confidence grows. It often follows a time of creativity, it’s a good period for making plans or learning new things.

Skincare tips
During this period, your skin is generally good. It might be a little dry or sensitive because your estrogen levels are rising again. A moisturizing serum is very good for this. A product with vitamin C is also important, this protects your skin against pollution during the day.

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+ Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum, Biologi
This serum contains high levels of vitamin C. This helps to reduce redness and strengthen sensitive skin. It is also very moisturizing for the skin.

Complete Skin Food Elixir, Optima
Did you know that beauty from the outside starts from the inside? By taking in a balanced and varied diet you get healthier and better-looking skin. This Skin Food Elixir is a magical mix of collagen, vitamins and minerals. What makes your skin glow!

Nutrition tips
Spring stands for growth, renewal and development. Include this in your diet during this phase. It’s best to eat light and fresh food that has fewer calories. It’s also a good time to experiment with different new veggies! Foods rich in vitamins E and D are good for growth and development. You can find vitamin D in oily fish or mushrooms and vitamin E in nuts, seeds, avocado and fruit. Eating enough protein is also important during this phase. Extra tip: 15/20 minutes a day in the sun without sunscreen or sunglasses, this ensures sufficient vitamin D production.
Exercise tips
Your energy is now starting to rise again so try to build this up with your movement as well. Get active in the form that you like. Do a lot of cardio or do strength training, both are possible. As long as you get your energy out of your system!



In this period is called the ovulation phase, it lasts from about 3 to 5 days, your ovulation takes place in these days. You are now at your most fertile and your estrogen level is at its highest. Which still provides energy and self-confidence. So this is the time to make use of this, but also to prepare for the next phase.
Skin care tips
During this phase it is still good to use products with vitamin C. This way you protect your skin and keep it beautiful and healthy for the long term. During this period your skin would be at its best, to emphasize this extra the use of fruit acids helps. This ensures a natural beautiful glow!

 Eco tan, serum, skincare, huidverzorging, natural,  Nourished

+ Serum of Plenty, Eco Tan
This miracle serum has the best ingredients and even contains a very impressive amount of vitamin C (15%)! It is also a real hydration booster. The serum makes your skin fuller and smoother!

+ Bf - Restore Face & Body Serum, Biologi
This serum contains a unique combination of fruit acids that nourish and protect the body. It gives a hydration boost and is high in vitamin C. Perfect for soft, radiant skin!

Nutrition tips
Make sure you have enough vitamin B during this period. Choose leafy vegetables, meat, legumes and grains. It’s also nice to go for cooling food during this period, because your body temperature is elevated. These can be, fruit and vegetables such as cucumber, zucchini, raspberries and orange. Zinc is also important during this period, you can choose cheese, grain products or nuts and seeds.
Exercise tips
This is the time when you are likely to feel your best and have the most energy. So, take advantage of this! Engage in vigorous and intensive forms of movement. 


During this period, your energy and self-confidence may decrease. This period lasts about 10 to 14 days and is called the luteal phase. This is the period that is experienced as the most annoying. You can suffer from PMS complaints here, such as skin problems, mood swings, feeling down and painful breasts. This is partly because your estrogen hormones will make way for progesterone, in preparation for possible fertilization.
Skin care tips
Because there is a lot of change in your hormone levels during this period, this period can be very uncomfortable. Your skin may be dehydrated and exhausted. Your sebum production increases and your pores can become more visible as a result. You now want a product that fights bacteria so that your pores can become clogged less quickly.

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+ Phytofuse Renew Maca Root RICH Dagcrème, INIKA
This rich day cream is suitable for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. The combination of Argan and Avocado oil keeps the skin deeply hydrated. This day cream also works as an effective shield to protect the skin against pollution. For optimal results use together with the RICH night cream.

+ Daily Face + Body Scrub, Nourished Daily
A gentle yet effective scrub. This one is formulated with almond powder to smooth the skin. Shea butter and avocado oil combat dryness, while cucumber, green tea and papaya soothe and provide a gentle touch of extra enzyme exfoliation, leaving skin soft and fresh.

Nutrition tips
Because this is a troubled period, it’s best to choose healthy and adapted food. Limit sugars, alcohol, coffee and green/black tea as much as possible. Take enough fiber and vegetables. You need more calories right now. So, choose (sweet) potato, (brown) rice, whole grains and healthy fats. During this phase you put more focus again on hot meals, for example a tasty sweet potato soup.
Exercise tips
A lot is happening in your body right now, so your energy can be a bit down. In terms of exercise, we recommend that you do what feels right for you during this period. But remember that there is a lot going on in your body, so it's fine to keep it comfortable and easy with exercise. For example, take a nice (long) walk.

If you have any questions about living in sync with your menstrual cycle or about our products, please feel free to contact us!