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Prepare your hair for sun, sea, surf!

May 17, 2023

Prepare your hair for sun, sea, surf!

A day at the beach is wonderfully relaxing and the perfect time to recharge your battery. Read a book, build a sandcastle or maybe take up an active hobby like supping or surfing. The sound of the waves and not having to do anything at all with the sun in the sky is great for the peace of our minds, but unfortunately a lot less nice for our hair. This is because the sea salt hits your hair and the heat and dryness of the sun causes your hair to rapidly lose its needed moisture, lipids and proteins. These 3 are very important for maintaining healthy shiny hair. It is therefore very important to prep your hair before you start your day at the beach. This way, you can keep your hair healthy and enjoy the beach and the sea with peace of mind. We have listed the best tips and tricks for soft locks all summer long. 

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Summer Hat

The summer hat is the perfect accessory you definitely want to take with you to the beach. Besides looking great and completing your beach look, it is also a perfect protection for your hair & scalp! If you're not a hat person, don't worry a cap has the same function, as long as you cover your hair and scalp properly. The sun's rays not only dry out your hair, but the UVA and UVB rays also cause sun damage and can even burn your sensitive scalp very easily, which is really no fun. Something you can very easily prevent by wearing a hat or cap. Besides, the best hairstyle for your hair is a braid or two, if you like that better. It is very convenient because it stays in place all day and keeps your hair best protected. Easy changes that will make a huge difference on the health of your hair. 

Sans ceuticals Hair Hydratant Ultra+ & pH + Shine Corrector

Leave-in Hair Mask

Before going to the beach, the tip is to protect your hair by applying a leave-in product in your hair like the Hair Hydratant Ultra+ from Sans [ceuticals] or a conditioning hair oil like the Luxurious Hair + Scalp Treatment Oil from NourisedxRomy. This adds an extra layer to your hair to help it retain the nutrients it needs. As a finishing touch, combine the Hair Hydratant Ultra+ with the pH + Shine Corrector. Spray this powerful hair product over the leave-in hair mask and comb through. This spray will make your hair fibres close up and therefore retain the moisture well in your hair. Then make a braid and you are ready for the beach day.

Rinsing & aftercare

When you get to the beach, it is wise to avoid the seawater as much as possible. If you do dive and wet your hair, first rinse your hair with clean water under an outdoor shower, or take a plant sprayer filled with clean water to moisten your hair with. After getting out of the seawater, it is important to rinse your hair with clean water again as soon as possible. This way, the sea salt is less likely to hit your hair. As soon as you get home from your beach day, it is important to give your hair extra love through a nourishing hair treatment. Use a nourishing hair wash, conditioner and finish with a hair mask. This way, you restore your hair and add lost moisture to your locks. Make it a spa moment, some extra me-time. If you want to preserve your radiant locks, a silk pillowcase is your new best friend. That's because Dore & Rose silk pillowcases are gentle on your hair and make sure they don't break off. As a nice extra, these silk pillowcases are also good for your skin because of their antibacterial function. An important essential for maintaining healthy hair and skin.

So, with these tips, you are ready for those sun-drenched summer days at the beach and you will get through the summer with soft, healthy hair. If you also want to make your hair chlorine proof, read the article Chlorine proof your hair.

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