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A shout-out to some of our favourite businesswomen

Mar 07, 2023

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Since today is International Women's Day we would love to give the spotlight to some women who inspire us everyday! These women are responsible for the beautiful brands we sell on Nourished, they are game-changers in the beauty industry and some have played the game for 20 years. Read their story, get inspired and celebrate your feminity.  

Ere Perez, Nourished, skincare, natural, makeup, natuurlijk

Ere Perez from Ere Perez

The first woman we put in the spotlight today is Ere Perez. We have a really good personal connection with Ere Perez. She spent her childhood in Mexico and later moved to Australia. Where in 2002 she followed her dream and Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics was born. Natural beauty and health runs in her family, which sparked her interest and earned her a bachelor's degree in nutrition. For Ere, natural beauty is about how you live your life, how you connect with the world and how you nourish your body, inside and out!

Sans ceuticals, natural beauty, natuurlijke verzorging, Nourished

Lucy Vincent from Sans [ceuticals]

This power woman from New Zealand has made herself an icon of hair and beauty in her native country. Several international collaborations and Australian hairdressing awards have confirmed her status as an industry expert. Her core focus is on wellness and natural science, to create products that are good for our bodies and the environment. You can describe her collection as pure, sustainable, very active and well thought-out!

Eye of Horus, natural makeup, natuurlijke make-up, Nourished

Holly Schleich from Eye Of Horus

Starting out in the skincare industry, the Australian Holly made the transition to color cosmetics to offer carefully created products that are clean and conscious. Holly's goal was to cut back on unnecessary and often harmful ingredients and to focus on creating a clean, functional product that didn't irritate or harm. Which has grown into an extensive collection of clean & green products! Holly is on of the Eye of Horus goddesses we feel. 

Kenko, skincare, mother, baby, Nourished, natural

Eveline Kerkhof from Kenko

For the Dutch Eveline, her pregnancy was the start and the foundation of Kenkô. It inspired her to develop a personal care line for mother and child, who cherishes these precious moments and which strengthens the bond between mother and child. Babies recognize their mother's scent flawlessly, the Kenkô products reinforce this. A beautiful collection for your baby, for during your pregnancy but also afterwards!

Witlof, skincare, natuurlijke huidverzorging, Nourished

Caroline van Eeuwijk & Cis Nijenhuis from Witlof Skincare

Two Dutch women from the business world who decided to step out and start a new business in: natural and organic skincare. From both, there was a certain need to make people aware of what kind of products they put on their bodies. And they want to encourage a healthy lifestyle. This was the foundation to set up Witlof Skincare. Natural, healthy and effective products for an accessible price!


Erin Hawken & Floor Hendriks from Nourished & Nourished Daily

Last but not least.. we want to thank all beautiful, strong women at Nourished. Every day we work with a great team of girls and they help to thrive our business. As an Aussie & Dutchie we are lovers of life and passionate about everything healthy and sustainable for people and the planet. Be kind to yourself and celebrate life! We can all be game-changers in our field or with our passion. Together we can make a change.