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Your Plastic-Free Beauty Detox!

Jan 24, 2022

Your Plastic-Free Beauty Detox!, plastic-free, environmental friendly, sustainable, natural

As a clean beauty lover, your beauty regime might have changed in the past few years. Swapping from conventional make-up and skincare products to clean & green alternatives can have tremendous benefits for your general health & wellbeing.

Radiant skin, a healthy glow, fewer breakouts & dark spots and a decrease in skin irritation might be some of the numerous benefits you have experienced since you started this journey. Whilst these are wonderful changes to experience for yourself, these benefits haven't even mentioned the environmental impact of your newly adopted clean & green choices!
According to a study from the E.P.A. (The Environmental Protection Agency) the conventional beauty industry is responsible for 70% of plastic waste that ends up in landfills not being recycled. And they haven’t even included the release of microplastics from cosmetics and personal care products, down the drain and into our waterways in those stats. If we look at Europe alone, the cosmetic industry is responsible for up to 8,700 tons of microplastics every year, travelling from sink to sea, polluting our precious oceans and causing irreparable damage to marine life & the ecosystem. 

At Nourished we take these stats very seriously as we set extremely high standards when choosing the products we stock. We’ll always look out for brands who offer the most natural, clean & green products that have a minimal impact on our environment, are good for your health and are just as, if not more effective than their conventional counterpart.

As plastic has the unique trait of being extremely efficient in maintaining the quality, lifeline and safety of your product, it can be found as packaging in clean beauty products too. However, most of our brands use their plastic from recycled sources, think reused plastic cleared from our oceans, or recycled PIR & PCR plastic made from material collected from production waste at manufacturers, like our Nourished x Romy Hair Care Duo for example.

Nourished x Romy


The Clean Beauty Industry keeps innovating and improvements are made every single year. Next to PIR, PCR and recycled ocean plastic, there are many more sustainable solutions found to keep your beauty routine as fun and convenient as possible without needing to make compromises. Below, we have listed our best plastic-free beauty detox solutions to minimize your plastic footprint for a happy & healthy life.

For your morning routine:

+ Nourished - Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush, made from biodegradable Bamboo

+ Black Chicken Remedies - Cuprum Tongue Cleaner, made of 100% Antimicrobial Pure Copper, a bacteria-resistant metal.

+ The Purifying Gel Cleanser by Retreatment Botanics is made without toxins, palm-oil or derivatives from palm oil and produced without harmful practices. 

To keep your skin hydrated:

The Barrier Restore Butter from Sans [ceuticals] is a rich and silky cream designed to deliver intense hydration while working on restoring the skin's barrier function.

Calm thirsty, inflamed, and itchy skin without any residual greasiness and leave your skin looking firm, smooth and fresh thanks to the added 5% Niacinamide in combination with Oat extracts and Mãnuka Honey that accelerate natural wound healing, balances the skin's pH levels, and helps to soothe and heal irritated skin.  



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Your plastic-free make-up must haves:

Get that gorgeous & healthy natural glow with our favourite plastic free make-up essentials  from Ere Perez, Eye of Horus Cosmetics and Hurraw, using luxury Miron glass, Wood, Aluminium lids, Cardboard with metal pans & biodegradable Plastic for the packaging of these products:


+ Ere Perez - Quinoa Water Foundations 
+ Ere Perez - Arnica Concealers
+ Ere Perez - Carrot Colour Pots

+ Eye of Horus Universal Duo Palette
+ Eye of Horus Sacred Earth Palette
+ Eye of Horus Solstice Palettes
+ Eye of Horus Bio Lipsticks

+ Hurraw - Aura Balms






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To discover your best hair day yet with our environmental friendly essentials

+ Nourished x Romy - Dry Shampoo + Styling Powder + Scalp Treatment (cardboard shaker): wrapped in an environmentally friendly recyclable cardboard shaker.


+ Nourished x Romy -Luxurious Hair + Scalp Treatment Oil: packed in a sustainable  glass bottle.


+ Nourished x Romy- Oval Bamboo Hair Brush: completely made of 100% sustainably sourced Bamboo

Ready to dive into your bed? Never underestimate the power of a clean canvas.Get ready to remove your make-up, and prepare your skin for a deep night's sleep with these plastic free wonders:


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+ Eye Of Horus - Organic Bamboo Cleansing Kit, consciously crafted from Organic Bamboo Cotton that is 100% sustainable, biodegradable and ethically sourced 

+ Last Object- LastSwab Beauty, reusable swab, made from recycled ocean bound plastic

+ Ere Perez - Quartz Sculpt & Lift Face Stone, Crafted from 100% natural clear quartz 

+ Eco Tan - Glory Oil: Day & Night Oil, restore your skin to its true glory with this liquid gold packed in a glass bottle with pipette

+ Wild Crafted Organics Wild Berry Honey Cleanse Mask, 90% Organic & Wildcrafted, 100% eco cert approved ingredients and wrapped in an eco-friendly Miron glass jar 

+ Black Chicken Remedies Featherlite Silk Sleep Mask, made out of a blend of lightweight Pure Silk and Cotton 


Feel like you're getting the hang of it? Read read more in our article 'Explore a plastic-free life!' and discover the joy of a plastic-free living here.





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