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The benefits of dry body brushing

Jan 19, 2022

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Dry Body Brushing, one of the latest crazes to take the wellbeing world by storm. But what is dry body brushing and why is it something that we should consider including in our daily beauty & wellness routine? 

What Is Dry Body Brushing?

Dry body brushing  is literally as it sounds…. Brushing your body whilst it is dry. Conceived & utilised in Ayurvedic medicine practices, dry body brushing has been around for centuries. Sound too simple to be worth doing? Whilst this daily self-care ritual is definitely simple, it has a myriad of both beauty and health benefits that make it one of the most valuable 5 minutes you will spend in your day. 

Dry Brush, Dry Body Brushing, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic ritual, detox, dry skin, cellulite, exfoliation, scrub

The Benefits of Dry Body Brushing:

+ Stimulates lymphatic flow resulting in unlocking toxins from deeper layers in the body, decreased fluid retention & puffiness
+ Improves the skin's ability to release toxins 
+ Improves blood circulation
+ Exfoliates dead skin cells leaving softer, clearer & healthier looking skin behind
+ Releases congestion from pores, improving the skin's ability to secrete build up toxins
+ Reduces the appearance of cellulite by breaking up fat deposits & encouraging cell turnover, creating more flexible and durable skin. 
+ Provides a natural energy boost due to improved toxin secretion, lymphatic flow and blood circulation
+ Reduces ingrown hairs thanks to exfoliation effects
+ Gives immune boost due to improved lymphatic flow, circulation and toxin release
+ Improves energy 




Dry Brush, Dry Body Brushing, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic ritual, detox, dry skin, cellulite, exfoliation, scrub, Nourished, Nourishedeu

How To Dry Body Brush

The best time of day to brush your body is in the morning before your shower, whilst your skin is still dry! It is the perfect wake-up for your body & mind. 

Start at your feet and ankles using the Dry Body Brush and gently brush your skin in upward motions towards the heart. Make sure to cover both front and back of the body & continue over the entire body including arms, shoulders and abdomen. Quick short strokes are more effective at stimulating the body's innate detoxification process than slow, long ones. 

Follow your dry brushing routing with a cleansing shower and then applying a body oil to your entire body whilst still damp. This will ensure hydration & lipids are locked into the freshly brushed skin and will reduce any greasy after-feel. Our go-to body oils are:


    Experience the benefits of dry body brushing by adding this 5 minute ritual to your daily routine today. 


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