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Why you want to double cleanse your face

Feb 10, 2023

Why you want to double cleanse your face | double cleansing | Nourished

You have your bathroom filled with the very best skin care products: serum, day cream & face masks and yet you still have blemishes. How is that possible? Are you already using the double cleansing technique? If not, this could go a long way towards improving your much-desired even complexion. We would love to tell you all about double cleansing and why it makes your skin so happy.

What is double cleansing?

The name actually says it all, with double cleansing you wash your face 2 times before applying your serum and other skin care products from your routine. The first cleanse has the function of removing make-up, extra dirt and oils that you have built up during the day. Cleansing balms and oils are very nice to use for the first cleanse. The second cleanse has the purpose to cleanse your skin, so your skin will benefit from the features from the facial cleanser. This way, you will also ensure that your pores get the desired cleansing and, as a result, new impurities are less likely to appear. Moreover, you have now created a really clean skin, making your skin much better to be able to absorb skincare products like your serum with active ingredients. Foaming and gel cleansers are perfect to use for the second cleanse.


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First cleanse - product recommendations

For the first cleanse it is nice to use a cleansing balm or a cleansing oil to remove the biggest layer of built up dirt. We have listed the best natural cleansers to use for the first cleanse.

+ Ere Perez | Fig All-Beauty Jelly 

+ Vela Days | Lipid Complex Cleansing Balm

+ Sans [ceuticals] | Goji Cleansing Oil 

+ Inika Organic | Phytofuse Renew Camellia Oil Cleanser 

+ Wildcrafted Organics | Neroli Cleansing Oil

+ Black Chicken Remedies | Cleanse My Face Oil


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Second cleanse - product recommendations

For the second cleanse a gel or foam cleanser would be perfect. Time to remove excess dirt out of your pores and create a fresh and clean canvas for your other skincare essentials. 

+ Nourished Daily | Cleanse Bars for Acne, Dry & Sensitive skin

+ Biologi | Bc Refresh Cleanser

+ Eco Tan | Super Citrus Cleanser 

+ Pure Papaya Care | Papaya Facial Cleanser  

Double cleansing is a real bliss for the skin and is easy to apply in your daily skincare routine. Start double cleansing today and your skin will thank you!

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