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Our best multifunctional makeup products

Feb 10, 2023

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You may relate, your makeup bag that is often just a little foo full. When you travel, you may have to leave some things behind because it doesn't fit, or you must take several bags with you. Not really handy right? You have different products for your lips, eyes, and skin, but are they really that different? In this article we introduce you to the benefits of multifunctional makeup and tell you, our favorites!


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Lip & Cheek Tint

The pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint from 100% pure gives a healthy glow to your lips and cheeks. The packaging makes it very easy to apply and you don't even need a brush, which saves space in your makeup bag! The Lip & Cheek Tint gives a natural color and glow, perfect for your daily makeup look. Do you have party plans, and want something extra? No problem, you can build the tint and make it as striking as you want. Perfect!
 natural make-up natuurlijke make-up blush liptint nourished


Carrot Colour Pot

Are you a fan of blush and lip tint in one product? Good news, we have another favorite! The Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot, a blush and lip tint together in one natural balm. It contains many nourishing ingredients that keep your skin soft and hydrated. This natural multifunctional makeup product also gives a beautiful touch to your look! We have an extra tip for you. In addition to a blush and lip tint, you can also easily apply it with your finger on your eyelid to create a colorful eye look. Not only do you have several products in one, but the packaging is also multifunctional. It is a small pot which is ideal for in your (hand) bag or even in your pocket. The packaging also has a small mirror, perfect for a quick touch up on the go!

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Beetroot Cheek & Lip tint

Because we can't choose, we have another beautiful multifunctional blush and lip tint for you. The Beetroot Cheek & Liptint from Ere Perez, this product is caring for your skin and stays in place all day. The formula has been developed with extracts of beetroot, which has a nourishing and moisturizing effect. The product gives a fresh glow and a radiant lip. It is easy to apply with the applicator and also handy to take with you. An absolute must have!

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Lipstick Crayon

INIKA's Organic Lipstick Crayon is a nourishing lipstick with a comfortable and soft texture. The natural lipstick is highly pigmented which ensures long-lasting color and a beautiful finish. Due to the design, the lipstick has the ease of applying like a lip liner and also the convenience of an eyeliner. You can make a nice wing with the crayon or blend it out in a subtle color. This product is also very nice to use as a blush, by applying it on your cheek and then blending it with your fingers. A true all-in-one superstar!
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