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DIY: Fix your favourite powder product

Feb 09, 2023

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Did your favourite eyeshadow, bronzer, or blush break? Don’t worry, it can be saved! With 5 super simple steps you can fix it in no time. So don't throw your product away and read on! 

When this happens is never fun. Therefore, it is nice to know that you can easily bring your favourite powder product back to life. 

Broken Eyeshadow Palette Dusk by Eye of Horus

What do you need?

+ A toothpick (anything sharp will work)
+ Denatured alcohol (preferably with as high a percentage as possible)
+ Piece of paper (we used toilet paper)
+ Make-up wipes or remover 

Before you start, find all the pieces of product together. If it has fallen into large pieces, it is a matter of picking them up. If it is everywhere, just sweep it up and put it back in the container it came from. 


Step 1: Break down the product

Take your toothpick (or a knife/fork) and crush all the bits of powder. You want what is left of the product to be very fine and not contain large pieces. This may take a while, but it's very important for the next step!

Step 2: Add the alcohol

Add a small amount of the denatured alcohol. Start with a few drops and add more if needed. It is important that the product and alcohol bind well, so be careful when pouring but not too careful! Be a little generous ;)

Step 3: Smooth out the product 

Now that you have added the right amount of alcohol, you can start distributing the product. Make sure every little corner is covered and that there are no gaps or lumps. Once you have neatly distributed the product in the container, you can smooth out the top. 

Step 4: Press down with a piece of paper 

Take a piece of toilet or kitchen paper, fold it in half a few times and start pressing the product with a little force. This will compress the product well and push out all the alcohol residue. 

Step 5: Let it dry long enough

We’ve noticed that if you want to use the product too soon, the product will move and then you won't get the desired result. We therefore recommend leaving it dry for at least 8 hours. So sleep in overnight and tomorrow you will be good to go!

TIP: Clean the sides of the packaging with a make-up cloth or a cotton ball with some make-up remover. That way your product will really be as good as new again! 

Especially for you, we have created a demonstration video where we fix the eyeshadow palette Dusk by Eye of Horus. 


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