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The Ultimate Natural Sunscreen Guide

Jun 06, 2023

The Ultimate Natural Sunscreen Guide

The sun is shining and that means we need to properly protect our skin from the harmful UVA & UVB rays. Protect your skin with a nice natural sunscreen and be good to both your skin and the planet. Natural sunscreens break down better and do not pollute the ocean like chemical sunscreens do. Just like our skin, of course, we also have only 1 planet & ocean, we need to be careful with this. Now, we can imagine that it is difficult to choose which sun protection is best for your skin, which is why we have highlighted all natural sun protection for you in this article.

Natural Sunscreen | Little Urchin | Mineral Sunscreen | Nourished

Natural SPF factor 30 & 50

Little Urchin & Lekker have created some wonderful natural SPF products which are good for our earth and our skin. The mineral sunscreens come in different shapes and sunscreen protection factor. We're more than proud to have these lovely SPF products in our range and will list them below.

+ Nourished Daily - Daily Face + Body Sunscreen Lotion SPF50

+ Little Urchin - Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50+

+ Little Urchin - Natural Zinc Stick Clear SPF 50+

+ Little Urchin - Natural Sunscreen SPF30 

+ LEKKER - Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 

Naïf | Natural Sunscreen Baby and Kids | No Perfume | Parfumvrij Zonnebrand

SPF for baby & kids

For our youngest's sensitive skins, Naïf has developed a very gentle yet effective collection of sunscreen. The sun protection products from Little Urchin also are a match for the sensitive skins from baby & kids. 

+ Naïf - Sun Lotion Baby & Kids SPF50 Perfume Free (200ml)

+ Naïf - Sunscreen Cream SPF50 Perfume Free (100ml) 

Tinted SPF

+ Little Urchin - Natural Tinted Sunscreen SPF30

+ Witlof Skincare - Tinted Day Cream SPF30

SPF lip balm

We all know that our lips are very sensitive and therefore even more important to protect them against the damaging sun rays. Hurraw created a nice sun protecting lip balm which can be reapplied during the day. Maintain those soft kissable lips even during the summer season. 

+ Hurraw - SUN protection SPF 15+ Lip Balm

Little Urchin | Natural After Sun | Natuurlijke After Sun | Nourished

After sun care

After a day spent in the sun, it's best to take care of your skin with a natural after sun. It hydrates and soothes your skin because of the wonderful natural ingredients. 

+ Little Urchin - Natural Daily Moisturiser 

+ Nourished Daily - Daily Body Lotion 

Eye of Horus | Ritual Skin Foundation Stick | SPF30 | Natuurlijke Foundation | Zonnebrand | Nourished 

Makeup with SPF

Do you like to wear foundation and love to have some extra SPF protection over your SPF cream, then these beautiful foundations are a perfect choice! 

+ Eye of Horus - Ritual Skin Foundation Stick SPF30 

+ Eye of Horus - Skin Tint Serum Foundation SPF15

+ Raww Cosmetics - Superfood Camouflage Foundation SPF15

+ Inika Organic - Loose Mineral Foundation SPF25 

Be kind to your skin and the planet with these beautiful natural sunscreen products. Apply every day because even when the sun is not shining, our skin is exposed to the harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you have any doubts or questions about a particular product, you can always drop us a line via Instagram, webchat & email.We're happy to help! Want to read more about natural sunscreen, then it's nice to read the 'is my sunscreen safe for my family' journal.