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Save My Summer Tan!

Sep 21, 2020

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Waaaahhhhh…. Why can’t my summer tan last forever???!! 

I always loved having tanned skin. I felt it made me look more vibrant, healthy, toned, less cellulitey…. 

And whilst I mourned the loss of hot summer days for many reasons, this was secretly one of the biggest losses for me. That was until I started to learn of how damaging my obsession with the sun, and getting a tan was to my skin. I started to slip, slop, slap more religiously and as a benefit I definitely have less signs of sun damage in my skin however I also don’t have a tan anymore…. and all of those joyous benefits!  

But never fear Beauty’s... 

Whether you are hoping to extend your summer tan, or wanting to find out how to enjoy the benefits of a tan without the skin damage, then this article is going to answer all your q’s and help deliver you a vibrant, healthy glow that goes on and on. 

The secrets to a great organic tan that is achievable all year long are simple, yet each step is crucial for success.

Preparation is key 

Don't be the girl or guy who is walking around with brown, scaly elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Remember that any fake tan works by ‘staining’ the top layer of your skin which is made up of dead skin cells. The thicker this layer, the more the tan will stain. There are a few areas of your skin that naturally have a thicker, more dense layer of skin cell cells as they are typically higher wearing areas like the knees, elbows, ankles and heels of your feet. In order to get a smooth, even tan without these brown scaly areas, exfoliation is an absolutely necessary pre-tanning step. 

We recommend giving your entire body a thorough yet gentle scrub with an exfoliant of your choice (you don’t want to scrub off an entire layer layer of skin!) whilst paying special attention to those areas that are prone to staining more and creating these uneven brown areas. 

Nourished Tip: we recommend preparing your skin prior to applying your organic tan by exfoliating and applying a very thin layer of moisturiser to these rougher areas to create an even more even and consistent tan.   

Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist

Application is everything 

There's absolutely no need to look like a tiger when using an organic tan, despite the fact that you see people resembling these stripey animals all over town. Getting a streak free organic tan is easy with the help of a Tanning Mitt. Simply use the fluffy side for your Self Tan Mousse and Gradual Tan and the smooth side for your Face Tan Aqua Mist and Hempitan. (Note: your Face Tan Aqua Mist does not necessarily require a tanning mitt. Simply spray directly onto clean, dry skin and voila!) 

Save my summer tan

Extend the life of your sun kissed summer tan by using a moisturiser and organic tan in one! We love the Three Warriors Gradual Tan as a daily moisturiser and tan-extender. It is easy to apply, colourless and leaves you with a gorgeous, even, golden uplift to your tan.  


So there you have it Beauty’s… no need for the summer blues… just get your golden organic tan on! Find your organic tan perfect match with our Tan Bible - A Guide To Choosing Your Best Natural Tan.

 Three Warriors Gradual Tan