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Rehab Your Summer Skin

Sep 15, 2020

Rehab Your Summer Skin

Is your skin showing all the signs of enjoying summer? Enlarged and clogged pores, dry and scaly skin, brown spots and pigmentation can all be the not-so-glorious side effects of an amazing summer vacation. So how do we bring our skin back to life after our salty, sweaty, sunny summer fun? 


Summer Skin Problem #1: Clogged Pores & Blackheads  

Not only does our skin tan under the hot summer sun, the pores of our skin also enlarge allowing sunscreen, sweat, salt and dirt to fill them. We are massive fans of the ancient Japanese wisdom that oil attracts oil, and thus using an oil cleanser makes complete sense for this summer skin problem. When massaged onto damp skin, oil lathers & turns milky, drawing out excess grease, impurities and dirt from pores and leaves skin clean,fresh and silky smooth. 

Summer Skin Problem #2: Dry Skin

UV exposure, salt, heat, and sweat can all lead to moisture loss from the outermost layer of your skin,  the stratum corneum. This super thin layer of skin, also known as the skin barrier, acts as the physical barrier between our external and internal environments, and its health is essential for  maintaining water balance.  So what to do when your summer holiday has stripped your skin barrier of its moisture resulting in dry, scaly skin? We recommend a two step-approach to these summer skin blues:

1. Exfoliate- slough away all of those dry, dead, skin cells that are still hanging around your skin barrier, blocking moisture and nutrients from being able to restore the stratum corneum back to its hydrated self. Go for a multifunctional exfoliant that will serve your face and body and cut down on purchases and waste.  

2. Re-hydrate - using a deeply nourishing and hydrating serum packed with natural actives and nutrients to restore your skin back to its silky, smooth glory.  

Summer Skin Problem #3: Pigmentation & Brown Spots 

 Hyperpigmentation is the cause of large brown discoloured patches, or melasma, on our skin. Melanin is the pigment that when stimulated is transferred from deeper layers to the surface of the skin and clumps together to create melasma, freckles, sun spots and a patchy complexion.  Whilst pregnancy and the oral contraceptive pill can exacerbate the appearance of pigmentation and melasma, the majority of excessive melanin production is stimulated by sun exposure.  
When looking at natural skin care to help reduce pigmentation, we recommend skin care with active Vitamin C or Niacinamide. Both dermatological-gold skincare ingredients to reduce and prevent skin pigmentation.


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