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Shed Your Dry Summer Skin

Sep 30, 2020

Shed Your Dry Summer Skin

Dry skin, also known as xerosis, is a very common issue that affects almost all of us at some stage, especially during & after summer! Dry skin can be triggered by both internal factors like hormonal balance, some diseases and medications, as well as external factors like sun exposure, time spent in the salt water of the ocean or chlorinated water of pools, sports, increased bathing and climate control. It is this time of year, after we are finishing up basking in our end of summer glow that we typically are paying the price for a summer fun with dry, dull, scaly skin. Not to mention that side effects of dry skin include signs of ageing like fine lines & sallow skin to deep furrows. 

Our skin requires a water content of 10-15% to remain hydrated, soft and supple. This water content is dependent on three factors: the rate that water is transported from the deeper skin layers to the superficial skin barrier, the rate of which water is lost from the skin's surface and the rate and ease at which water can bind to the skin barrier. And so whilst the successful treatment for dry skin may be multifactorial, they all come down to adequate function and hydration of the skin barrier. 

Improving your skin barrier function & hydration 

+ Wash with a pH optimised body wash 

+ Reduce hot showers/baths

+ Pat dry skin after bathing and avoid vigorous toweling 

+ Avoid skin contact with chemicals and toxins by using plant-based laundry detergents and switching to clean skincare. 

+ Restore the lipid/water balance of your skin barrier to reduce water loss and improve cellular hydration with world-class clean skincare products.

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Which products?

When choosing skin care products to remedy dry skin we look for a few key characteristics that will help to optimise skin barrier hydration and function including:

+ As natural ingredient list as possible - even most natural products will require a very small amount of preservative to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth, however apart from this the ingredient list should be all natural. 

+ Clean & toxin free - our skin is a biological organ, much like our liver or our stomach and as such will typically function better without toxins and chemicals. 

+ Free from artificial fragrances  - most conventional skincare products will contain an array of artificial fragrances and scents that can cause damage to the skin's natural barrier. 

+ Lipid rich - natural nut & seed oils including jojoba, sunflower, avocado & rosehip oils are rich in lipids and have all been clinically shown to improve skin barrier function.  

+ Free from silicones, surfactants and petrochemicals  - your skin is a living, breathing jacket and these ingredients can tend to suffocate it, affecting its hydration capability. 

The good news Beauty’s is that successful treatment of dry skin lipid rich, clean skin care products can give the impression of eternal youth & health.

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