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Bm Regenerate - Biologi's NEW Serum Available Now

Oct 06, 2020

Biologi Bm Regenerate Anti-ageing Serum - Nourished

We’ve got exciting news for you Beauty’s…. 

Biologi has developed a BRAND NEW Serum and Nourished is the first in Europe to have it! 

Biologi developed their new Bm Regenerate serum in response to the demand for a 100% active, plant based serum to address the specific needs of pre-mature ageing and ageing skin.  Some call this an anti-ageing serum… we prefer to call it positive ageing!  

Biologi Bm Regnerate Anti-ageing Serum

Bm Regenerate is perfect for

+ Pre-mature ageing

+ Mature skins 

+ Ageing 

+ Wrinkles 

+ Pigmentation/sun damaged 

+ Neck and décolletage 

This revolutionary new serum offers improved protection from free radicals and cellular oxidation whilst simultaneously repairing damaged cells. It also amplifies collagen production, assists with barrier function repair and improves hydration to address the visible signs of ageing. 

Like all of the Biologi serums, the Bm Regenerate is 100% active and comes from a single-plant origin; the Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry, another native Australian skin super-food.


The benefits of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry 

Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry is a anti-ageing powerhouse thanks to it’s phyto-actives including:

Amino Acids  - the building blocks for cellular repair and protection 

Reduces redness and irritation  

Conditions skin 

+ Anti-inflammatory activity  

Anthocyanin - stimulates collagen production and repairs skin damaged by sun exposure and environmental pollution. Promotes cellular growth resulting in a  bright, glowing complexion.

+ Increase collagen production to slow the visible signs of ageing  
+ Hydration  
+ Reduce sunspots 
+ Restore damaged skin  
+ Glowing complexion 

Rutin -  a powerful antioxidant with potent anti-inflammatory. Improves skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving a clear complexion and even tone.  

+Reduce fine lines and wrinkles  
+Reduce the appearance of sunspots 
+ Increase skin elasticity to reduce the signs of ageing  
+ Reduce redness to balance the complexion  


Chlorogenic Acid - a phenolic acid with massive antioxidant activity. Protects against UV damage, balances the complexion, fades pigmentation and reduces the signs of premature ageing.  

+ Balances complexion  
+ Reduces redness 
+ Protection from damaging free radicals 
+ Helps to prevent skin alterations such as pigment and sunspots 
+ Defies the signs of ageing

Protocatechuic Acid - A type of polyphenol and rich in antioxidant properties, this phyto nutrient helps to reduce  oxidation by scavenging free radicals.

  •  Helps to reduce redness 
  •  Provides antioxidant properties 
  • Anti-ageing 
Biologi Bm Regenerate Anti-ageing Serum

How to use Bm Regenerate 

Use the Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum once or twice daily. Use one pump for the face or two pumps to cover face, neck and décolletage. Use morning and night, always after  cleansing. The Biologi Bc Cleanser is an excellent cleansing partner for the Bm Regenerate Anti-ageing Serum. 

If you wish to use the Bm Regenerate in addition to other Biologi Serums, we recommend alternating days with your current regime. 

For extra hydration, wait 10 minutes after Bm Regenerate application to apply a few drops of the Biologi Br - Organic Rosehip Oil to the face and neck. The Br will add extra nourishment and delivers Vitamin A & E to the skin. We recommend using this combination instead of the synthetic Vitamin A derivative, Retinol. 

Bm Regenerate regime recommendations for skin concerns

+ Ageing/pigmentation 

Day 1: BQK morning and evening serum 

Day 2: Bm morning and night 


+ Ageing skin with sensitivity 

Day 1: Bf morning and night 

Day 2: Bm morning and night 


+ Dull skin and ageing concerns 

Day 1: Bd morning and evening 

Day 2: Bm morning and evening 


+ Premature and ageing skin 

Day 1: Bm morning and night 

Day 2: Bk morning and night 

And as always we recommend using a natural sunscreen during the day when the UV factor is higher than 3…. which is most days Beauty’s! 

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