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Jun 15, 2023

Nourished Daily | Natural Skincare | Natural Deodorant

Are you looking for accessible natural skincare products and don't want a bathroom full of different jars & tubes? Then Nourished Daily is your answer! This natural skincare brand was created by the founders of Nourished, Erin Hawken and Floor Hendriks. Both business women say they have long been looking for a natural brand that is unisex and suitable for the entire family from young to old. When we couldn't find this, we rolled up our sleeves ourselves and started developing and producing our own brand of natural unisex products. The brand includes the basic essentials when it comes to skin care. Think soft & gentle body wash, natural deodorant and refreshing soap bars. We would love to tell you all about these great products! 

Nourished Daily Soap Bars

Soap Bars

Are you travelling a lot and want a mild but effective scrub, body wash or face wash? Nourished Daily's cleanse bars are specially designed for different skin types and have a super good exfoliating scrub bar in the range. Suitable for the whole family and very sustainable in use. For all your travels, you no longer have to worry about the liquid limit with these handy soap bars. An added bonus is that these soap bars smell delicious and so does your bathroom! Win-Win! Store the soap bars on a soap holder for long-term enjoyment of these superstars. 

Our soap bar collection:

+ Sensitive Skin Cleanse Bar

+ Dry Skin Cleanse Bar

+ Acne Skin Cleanse Bar

+ Body Cleanse Bar

+ Coffee Scrub Cleanse Bar


Nourished Daily Natural Deodorant  

Natural Deodorant (Aluminium-Free)

Besides the soap bars, the Nourished Daily collection also includes 2 types of natural deodorant. These natural deodorants are aluminium-free and are suitable for sensitive and normal underarm skin. Everyone has been thought of, hence their slogan: 'for every body, every day.' Chai Spice and Early Spring are the scents this deodorant is available in, and we can already tell that this smells so good you'll want to apply it all over your body ;). The deodorant stick is suitable for normal underarm skin that has a more intense sweat odor. If you have sensitive underarm skin, go for the deodorant cream, as this cream does not contain bicarbonate, making it wonderfully gentle on the skin. Tip, do not store this deodorant cream in a too cold place as the ingredients will become solid and more difficult to apply. These effective natural deodorants are not only good for your skin, but also for our planet. Can be used by both men and women as the scents are unisex. 

The best fresh deodorants:

+ Natural Deodorant Stick - Chai Spice

+ Natural Deodorant Stick - Early Spring

+ Sensitive Skin Deodorant - Chai Spice

+ Sensitive Skin Deodorant - Early Spring

Nourished Daily Body Wash Body Lotion


Shower essentials 

To top it off, the absolute must haves for your bathroom have also been added to the Nourished Daily collection. The Daily Body Wash, Daily Face + Body Scrub & Daily Body Lotion are all three suitable for the entire family from the age of 3 years. So you only need to have one of each in your bathroom and the whole family can easily use it. Looks tidy and saves a whole lot of space. All Nourished Daily products are very mild and therefore gentle on the skin, making them suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. A tip from us is to, every other day, use the face + body scrub to remove the layer of a natural sunscreen from your skin. Treat yourself and your family to those wonderful shower essentials and take care of your skin the natural way every day. 

The ultimate shower essentials:

 + Daily Body Wash

+ Daily Face + Body Scrub

+ Daily Body Lotion

Stay tuned for more from this beautiful natural brand, as Nourished Daily's collection will continue to expand with several multifunctional unisex products. Follow Nourished Daily on Instagram and if you have any questions, we are happy to help via web chat or email.