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Upcycled Beauty

Jun 14, 2023

Upcycled Beauty

When we think of sustainability, we often think of recycling and reuse. What you may be less likely to think of is that these principles can also be applied to the beauty industry. Discover how upcycling can have a positive impact on your lifestyle while contributing to a more sustainable and clean future!

What is Upcycled Beauty?

This is an approach within the beauty industry that focuses on reusing and transforming waste materials and by-products into high-quality and effective beauty products. These waste materials (especially food that would otherwise be thrown away) are given a new life and transformed into valuable ingredients. Reducing food waste can make an important contribution to addressing climate change. These leftovers from food production are effectively and safely converted into sustainable beauty products. This ensures efficient use of resources and safe use of products and ingredients for consumers, win-win!

Upcycled Beauty DIY

Nourished strives for a more sustainable world, upcycled beauty products are a good way to put less strain on the planet. Upcycled beauty doesn't have to be limited to products you can buy online or in stores, you can also make them yourself! For example, try making a face scrub from crushed coffee grounds, sugar or salt with a carrier oil such as almond oil. Or make a hair mask with an over-ripe banana, coconut milk and oil and honey, creating a nourishing hair mask.

As you may thought, we are totally fan of upcycled beauty products! Here are some of our favorites:

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Nourished Daily - Coffee Scrub Cleanse Bar

As told earlier, recycled coffee grounds can work as an effective exfoliant. Nourished Daily's Coffe Scrub Cleanse Bar takes advantage of this. It also removes dead skin cells and dirt. This cleanse bar also contains Rhassoul Clay, which deeply nourishes the skin and gives you soft hydrated skin. These cleanse bars are very economical and eco-friendly!

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Biologi - blackberry seed oil

This wonderful natural oil contains a potent amount of vitamin K that has many skin-friendly properties. Vitamin K moisturizes the skin, reduces age spots, strengthens the skin barrier, and reduces dark circles under the eyes. The cold-pressed extraction process of this oil results in a very pure and effective product, which is well absorbed into the skin.

If you have become interested in upcycled beauty or have any questions about it, feel free to contact us!