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Introducing Vida Glow’s science-backed ingestible beauty

Jul 07, 2023

Introducing Vida Glow’s science-backed ingestible beauty

Vida Glow is designed for real, active people. Busy, messy living that doesn’t have time for superficial beauty or complicated regimes. Vida Glow specialises in active beauty solutions and scientifically formulated ingestible supplements that deliver visible results.

Founded in 2014, Vida Glow’s success has been built on their hero Natural Marine Collagen Powder range – a clinically proven peptide powder that stimulates collagen production. Today, Vida Glow is the global #1 Marine Collagen Powder brand with one collagen product selling every four seconds.

Anna Lahey, the founder of Vida Glow, is the driving force behind the brand's dedication to delivering scientifically backed products.
After experiencing first-hand the power of marine collagen supplementation on her own beauty results, in 2014 Anna created Vida Glow to help others experience the tangible results of clinically proven ingestible beauty.

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Discover Vida Glow’s Best-Sellers

Natural Marine Collagen Powder
Unlock firm skin, thick hair and strong nails with Vida Glow’s clinically proven, multi-benefit Natural Marine Collagen Powder. As part of the natural ageing process, our collagen production slows and signs of ageing across skin, hair and nails begin to appear. Supplementation with Natural Marine Collagen delivers collagen peptides and amino acids to the collagen matrix to firm wrinkles and increase skin hydration and elasticity.

Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen Powder is pure, potent and proven. It is responsibly sourced, 100% hydrolysed marine collagen peptides that deliver superior results.

Start your routine by stirring one daily sachet in your drink of choice – whether its water, juice, tea, or coffee. Increase supplementation to two or three daily serves if you experience more pronounced signs of ageing.

Benefits of Collagen Supplementation:
- Improves skin elasticity and smooths wrinkles
- Helps to replace what your body loses through ageing
- Supports healthy hair and nails
- Supports skin hydration

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If you’re experiencing an uneven tone, melasma or dark marks and under-eyes, try Radiance. Radiance is powered by trademarked and award-winning ingredient SkinAx2. Supported by brightening vitamin C, healing zinc and free radical-fighting pigments called carotenoids, Radiance’s formula works double-time to minimise and help prevent the appearance of an uneven skin tone. Take one capsule daily with food for more luminous in as soon as four weeks, and a more even tone from eight weeks.

Benefits of Radiance with SkinAx2:
Increases skin luminosity by 26% in 12 weeks.
Reduces facial imperfections by 18%
Significantly reduces dark circles by 12%
96% of participants saw an improvement in their pigmentation
Once daily, vegan capsule


Hairology is Vida Glow’s targeted capsule to reduce hair loss and hair thinning in as soon as 28 days. Hairology’s key ingredient AnaGain – an active extracted from organic, nutrient-dense pea sprouts – is supported by essential micronutrients for a holistic approach to hair growth. Working at the follicle, Hairology targets the cause of thinning, lacklustre hair and supports a healthy hair growth cycle. The result is reduced hair loss and fuller, thicker hair, with just one capsule a day.

Benefits and Features of Hairology with AnaGain:
34% reduction of hair loss after 1 month of treatment
86% of participants reported a reduction of hair loss after 8 weeks of treatment
71% of participants perceived an improvement in overall hair condition
Once daily, vegan capsule