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Floor's Favourites for 2022

Dec 29, 2022

Nourished | Floor Hendriks

It is the end of the year, time to reflect on lots of things! We always have a look back onto our beauty shelfie, which product have we been using the most in 2022….. Everyone in the Nourished team has their own favourites. These are a few of my daily products and the reason why:

Sans ceuticals Barrier Restore Butter

Sans [ceuticals] Barrier restore

Winter or summer, body or face, this cream is multi use all year round. When it's summer and you carefully enjoy those delicious rays of sun and your body is covered in sunscreen the Barrier Restore will be an absolute skin saviour. After a good beach day, a body covered in sunscreen and a nice scrub in the shower is this THE butter you want to indulge yourself with, including your face.

In winter time when your skin has to face the cold and the heat of the heather you might even crave the richness of the Barrier Restore more. After your shower you want to gently rub your whole body in this AND your face, promise! It will be your favourite night mask as well.

Biologi Bqk serum

Biologi - BQK serum

Sometimes your skin needs that little bit extra love, and this is it! I alternate the BQK serum with my new daily moisturizer (we will tell you more later). The BQK serum form Biologi is next level skincare. Do you want to play in the top league? Then this is a product for your wishlist. The BQK serum will reduce redness and pigmentation, will work with you towards a more even complexion, works as an anti-aging serum and protects your skin from free-radicals.

Vela Days - Lipid Complex Cleansing Balm

Speaking about top notch skincare? Vela Days is a new brand at Nourished made with a magical ingredient: Cannabis Oil. This balm can be very effective when suffering from eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. The Vela Days cleaner is a unique oil/gel-to-milk cleanser formulated with omega-rich oils and ceramides. Use as a balm cleanser on dry or wet skin and use as a mask to recover the skin's barrier function. Apply this rich balm on dry skin for 20-30 minutes and enjoy a silky, velvet afterfeel. If you have dryer skin or problematic skin, then this is a great cleanser for YOU!

Nourished Daily Chai Spice Stick Deodorant

Nourished Daily - Deodorant in Chai Spice

A real everyday staple, a product you can’t and won’t live without once you have used it (who can live without deodorant?). The smell of the Nourished Daily Chai Spice deodorant is a favourite for everybody. It’s original and warm, fan of a cup of soothing hot chai? Then this deodorant is up your alley. Soon to be released in a fresh scent called Early Spring. Erin and I are both in heaven with the formulation of this everyday powerhouse.

Nourished x Romy Hair Wash

Nourished x Romy - Hair Wash

This is another all time fave, and how can we not? The Nourished x Romy hair wash has been in our shower for over a year and no one in our inner circle isn’t using this shampoo. The structure, the fluf, the smell, the afterfeel….. In our eyes the perfect natural shampoo.

Eye of Horus - Sacred Earth Palette

Okay, this palette keeps on popping up in my reels, articles, and fave lists the past years. The bad news? It will be discontinued, so if you are a fan, this is your change. The last palettes are still available. The good news? Eye of Horus has created a whole new range of eye palettes and face palettes to be released during 2023. We will keep you glowy & shiny!

INIKA Organic - Curvy Lash Mascara

A new discovery in my makeup bag this year. I used to be a big fan of the Long Lash Mascara from INIKA but I also really like the Curvy Lash for an extra lift.

100% pure 2nd skin concealer shade 4

100% Pure - 2nd Skin Concealer nr. 4

If there is one product I don’t want to forget when being out and about then it is concealer. I have very thin skin around my eyes and let's be honest, own a business. Sleepless nights, stress, ideas running through your head and having fun result in the need of a little help from my new friend: 2nd skin concealer. Easy to apply, easy to take with you and perfectly blendable.

That is my to go list, and yes there are many more products I could list like the Bl Lip Serum, Bamboo Hair Brush and Hair Hydratant Ultra+ ;) 2022 comes to an end exciting things are coming up…. where, what? To start with, Nourished Daily our 2022 born baby. Erin and I (and our friends & family) have been testing products all year round. And we definitely have a few new favourites in the 2023 list! Stay tuned for more, we will keep you posted of course.

Have a beautiful Christmas & end of the year! Indulge yourself with the love of your family and friends.