Vela Days 

Vela Days Skincare was created by Australian pharmaceutical medicinal cannabis company; Greenfield MC.  Their skin loving & efficacious products harness the power of clinical-grade & high-quality hemp extracts and oils, to create fresh, clear & luminous skin, without compromising on luxury.

Hemp is one of the most sustainable fibres on the planet and has been utilised for millennia in different applications from clothing & furniture to skincare. Its anti-inflammatory and active healing properties make it a powerfully potent ingredient to deeply penetrate pores, moderate oil production, moisturize, & repair skin.

Vela Days was named after a constellation of stars that are only visible in the skies of the Southern Hemisphere. The name embodies the magic of the sky combined with the power of the earth, giving a gentle nod to their key ingredient; hemp.  Vela Days hemp is grown in Australia under the Vela constellation.

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