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The benefits of Nourishing

Few great things in the world have been created from a place of lack. Nourishment doesn't come from restriction or denial, it comes from giving ourselves all of the ingredients of a happy & healthy life. 

When we are healthy, well Nourished, we have an unlimited capacity to serve & give to others. Nourishing ourselves first, and as a priority helps us be our best for ourselves, our family and loved ones, for our community, and for all of humanity.  

Nourishing yourself with clean beauty & natural living products reaches farther than ourselves and the people around us....

~ it helps to reduce toxicity running into our waterways and soils and creating havoc to the delicate balance of natures eco-system

~ it helps to reduce animal-cruelty &

~ it helps to encourage big business to make decisions based on humanity and the environment, rather than profits. 




Selected by Nourished

In a time where we are fooled on a daily basis by big business green-washing their branding, making us believe we are purchasing something that is good for us & good for the planet despite it being full of nasty chemicals & toxins, transparency & honesty are more important than ever before.  

At Nourished we set extremely high standards when choosing the products we stock. We spend hundreds of hours investigating brands, ingredients & certifications to ensure we only offer the most natural & safe products from Australia, New Zealand & beyond. We do the hard work so you don’t have to & so you can TRUST that your products are Clean & Green for real. 

We have a personal connection with all of our brands and choose them based not only on their commitment to making the finest natural products, but also in their philosophy of giving back to the environment and humanitarian causes. 

Click here to see a list of ingredients we will NEVER stock. 




We are Nourished

Nourished was born one hot Aussie summer from a shared passion of all things natural by two friends Erin & Floor.

Tired of the sparse options for truly natural, non-toxic makeup & beauty products in the Netherlands, and inspired by the abundance on offer in Australia, two friends Erin & Floor embarked on a mission. A mission to provide the people of the Netherlands with a one-stop online natural health & beauty store where all the hard work has been done for you. 

Floor, a Nutritionist based in Den Bosch, and Erin, a Sydney Chiropractor, founded Nourished in 2017 and continue to run it together from opposite sides of the globe. Their expert knowledge in health & wellbeing, and unique combination of locations gives them the advantage of knowing the best brands & safest products to include in the Nourished collection. 

We are so proud to bring you the most beautiful, effective natural products sourced from Australia, New Zealand & beyond. Our passion is our gift to you!


Love & sunshine, Floor & Erin x