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We are Nourished

Nourished is the original Home of Clean Beauty & Natural Living in the Netherlands. 

Opgericht door twee vriendinnen Erin (een Aussie) & Floor (een Dutchie). Wij zijn liefhebbers van het leven, gepassioneerd over alles wat gezond en duurzaam is voor de mensheid en de planeet, terwijl we niet-veroordelend zijn en ieders persoonlijke keuzes omarmen en respecteren. 

In het kort, Nourished gaat over vriendelijker zijn voor jezelf en de planeet terwijl je nog steeds plezier hebt en er niet gestrest van wordt 😎😎 We zijn beide gezondheidsprofessionals (Erin is Chiropractor & Floor Diëtist) waardoor we de nodige kennis & ervaring hebben in de industrie. Het allerleukste vinden we het delen van deze kennis met jullie, de Nourished community.

Got a question about one of our products or a skin concern? No problem! Just shoot us an email or an insta DM and we will personally reply. Our journal is a wealth of information about all things clean beauty & natural living so make sure you check it out.

Oh & we also have an awesome rewards program for our Friends of Nourished where you can earn points every time you shop & redeem them for free shipping, discount codes & vouchers! It’s absolutely free to join.. just click on the link.

Welcome to Nourished beauty’s! Our passion is our gift to you and we are so pleased you are here for us to share it with you! Love & sunshine, Erin & Floor☀️❤️

The benefits of Nourishing

We believe that Nourishment comes from giving ourselves all of the ingredients of a happy & healthy life, rather than from restriction or denial.

Nourishing yourself with clean beauty & natural living products can have a tremendous effect on your health & wellbeing by reducing your exposure to nasty chemicals & toxins. It also has a positive impact much farther than ourselves and the people around us....

~ it reduces toxicity running into our waterways and soils and creating havoc to the delicate balance of natures eco-system

~ it helps put a stop to animal-cruelty &

~ it encourages big business to make decisions based on humanity and the environment, rather than profits. 

Selected by Nourished

In a time where we are fooled on a daily basis by big business green-washing their branding, making us believe we are purchasing something that is good for us & good for the planet despite it being full of nasty chemicals & toxins, transparency & honesty are more important than ever before.

At Nourished we set extremely high standards when choosing the products we stock. We spend hundreds of hours investigating brands, ingredients & certifications to ensure we only offer the most natural, safe & effective products from Australia, New Zealand & beyond. We do the hard work so you don’t have to & so you can TRUST that your products are Clean & Green for real.

We have a personal connection with all of our brands and choose them based not only on their commitment to making the finest natural products, but also that social and environmental justice are one of their core values.