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Why you want to use the miracle tree Moringa in your beauty routines

Jan 02, 2023

Why you want to use the miracle tree Moringa in your beauty routines

Are you already using moringa oil in your daily beauty routines? Not yet (convinced)? Read on quickly to find out how this product can improve your skin and hair! The extraordinary effects of moringa oil in your beauty products have been recognized for thousands of years. The Romans used the oil to protect their skin from harmful external influences and the Egyptians used it as an anti-wrinkle cream. Even vases containing moringa oil have been found in ancient tombs, to accompany the dead on their journey to the afterlife.

Originally, the tree comes from India where it has nicknames like 'miracle tree' and 'drumstick tree'. Moringa is a real miracle because it can grow in almost any condition. Because of this magic, it also has high concentrations of active substances. Packed with 27 vitamins, 9 essential amino acids, 46 antioxidants, countless minerals and a high concentration of proteins. Every part of the tree can be used. The seeds, flowers and branches can therefore be eaten. The leaves contain many vitamins and counteract malnutrition, while high concentrations of oil can be pressed from the seeds.


In Nourished's clean beauty products, moringa oil is therefore a favorite ingredient. It is a natural stabilizer, which is an important property for natural cosmetics. Its high oleic acid content (around 72%) penetrates very deeply into the skin, allowing valuable nutrients to be absorbed into your skin and hair and restoring moisture balance. In addition, moringa has the properties to go pollution, such as from metals and cigarettes. It also protects the skin from particulate matter and smog particles that can adhere to your skin. This ensures that your skin stays young and fresh!

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Moringa for your skin

As mentioned above, moringa restores the moisture balance in your skin, improving your skin and making it more glowing. It reduces wrinkles and its cytokines promote cell growth and repair cell damage. The high concentrations of vitamins C, A and E are important for your collagen production and repair inflammation. Because of its impact on the moisture content of your skin, moringa oil is great for dry and chapped lips - which can easily happen in winter anyway - and skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. With acne, moringa oil is said to help against blackheads and pimples, and regular use can also reduce the return of pimples. It also soothes dark spots caused by acne and hyperpigmentation. So this oil is great for your skin, so why not try one of our products?

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Moringa for your hair

Moringa oil removes dirt from the hair and is an efficient natural cleanser for your scalp. It is very simple, wet the hair, massage the oil into the scalp and then rinses. This can effectively cleanse and moisturize the scalp. The mature seeds contain 30-40% behenic acid, which helps form a protective barrier against the environment, thus soothing and calming. It helps to prevent dry and lifeless hair.
The moringa oil from the Nourished x Romy line is produced together with local communities in Malawi and Kenya. There, the leaves are a valuable addition to the diet, while the oil can be sold for extra income.

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So this miracle tree oil should not go unused if you want to opt for clean beauty products! Nourished has then created a wonderful selection for your skin and hair type, so don't forget to search on all our products with moringa too. To your skin and hair health!

This journal is written by Antonia van Vlastuin!