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Woman of Nourished | Sue Soussain

Sep 23, 2021

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“What I love so much about hairdressing is the process, it is working with the people in your chair and seeing beauty in your clients. As a hairdresser, you have a different way of looking at people. It is not only the hair that I am obsessed with, but it is also about the conversations I have. I really look forward to seeing my clients and hearing what they have been up to, it is almost like seeing a good friend again.”


Fully booked hairdresser of Romy Boomsma & the who’s who on the scene; Sue Soussain, shares with us how her obsession with hair inspired her to start her dream life, how to maintain your balance as an entrepreneur and how her clean beauty love affair started early on. 

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For almost 10 years I worked as a social worker with mentally challenged people. And I really liked it, I gave it everything I had and ended up having a burnout because I gave too much. It made me think about my real passions in life, and as long as I could remember I always wanted to be a hairdresser, or do things with hair. I am a little bit obsessed with hair!  After trying social work again and having similar issues, I decided  at that point I should just go for what I really wanna do. And I did! I made my passion my work.

“I believe that things happen in your life for a reason and although I really liked my job working as a social worker with mentally challenged people, I think this was just a sign to do what I actually wanted to do in my life.”


Dealing with a burnout is always a hard process. To make sure I don’t end up back in that place I try to keep my balance in work, rest and private life, and I am lucky in that I really do what I love to and that helps a lot. At the same time I am not a morning person, actually not at all, so I start a little bit later and work a little bit longer and follow my own rhythm. I also try to have a day off to spend some time with myself, that is not always easy but I really try to balance it out. I love people but I also really like to have a little bit of time to recharge and just be by myself. 


Sue Soussain, Colour Me Sue, Hair, Clean hair care, Natuurlijke haar

What I love so much about being a stylist and colourist is when people come to me, that I can be there for them. That I can help them feel good about themselves, not just because of their new hairstyle but also because of the way we are talking. It is not just doing hair, it is a whole process you go through with someone. You really create a bond with that person. I just love to have them here and I want to give them their me-time when they are sitting in my chair. So for example, I serve my clients a homemade iced tea,  and I choose my own funky foils to create that little extra. It is so much fun! 

 “I just love beauty, but especially the natural part of it. I always try to see how to get the best out of a person and I think that is also part of natural beauty, it’s like seeing someone's natural potential.”

Sue Soussain, hair stylist, hairdresser, Colour Me Sue, clean haircare, natural haircare, natuurlijke haar


When I was younger I was into essential oils and I just enjoyed looking into natural shops and seeing what they have to offer.  And I believe that because the more natural a product is, the closer to us it is, and that's why I love clean beauty. To me it is also really important that everything is cruelty-free as  I love animals so much.

My all time favourite nourished product is the Bl Lip Serum from Biology. I love that one so much! My lips are always big problems, especially in winter with really dry flaky skin. This winter though, they were perfect,  I didn't have any problems. I use it morning and night and I am really, really happy I found it! 

Sue’s favourite Nourished products: 

 + Biologi Bl Lip Serum


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