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Woman Of Nourished | Jeanne de Kroon

Sep 15, 2021

Jeanne De Kroon, Zazi Vintage, Nourished, Natuurlijke make-up, Natuurlijke makeup, gezond, duurzam leven

"Zazi in the way it is unfolding now is really personifying my own process of decolonisation, how can I really co-create intentionally, how can I take myself away from a designer working with a factory but how can we come together as women and weave a story together."


Founder of Zazi Vintage, eco-fashion warrior & lover of life; Jeanne de Kroon reveals her deep passion for the stories behind fabrics & the women who create them, how her top values drive her and where her clean beauty journey began.  

Jeanne De Kroon, Zazi, Zazi vintage, natuurlijke makeup, natuurlijke make-up


For me, clothing is a woven story. When I dress myself in the morning I try to resonate with the story of the clothing. Whether that be remembering a moment that I first connected with it or the stories of the clothing that I wear. There is so much wisdom and intricate knowledge translated into the clothes that you can almost read them as a love letter. I try to be more intentional in my life. Whether it be the food that I eat in the morning, I have rescue hens and when they give me an egg I am grateful for it. To have that connectivity to the world, intentionality, makes life so much more rich and it is the same as with the clothing that I wear. But it doesn’t really matter, you can make your own rules with clothing and that is the beauty of it and I think that is an amazing way to celebrate being a woman. 

One of my primary values is being able to see people, who they truly are, what they represent and I think this is what drives me mostly. Zazi is primarily a community of women collaborators and we can flourish the most when we are seen in our creativity, in the way we stand into the work and I think that is what mostly drives me. I love to create a platform where everyone is seen and can flourish in the best way. I see potential in people.

Jeanne De Kroon, Zazi, Zazi Vintage, Natuurlijke Makeup, Natuurlijke Make-up



Help is a hard word. When I am working in the villages it is actually the women who are helping us get reconnected. I think that we are incredible spiritually deprived in the global community so it is more that we work to lift each other up, than it is me helping them.

"There is not a day in the Zazi world where I don’t learn from another woman in some other area of the world and I am absolutely shaken to my core by the power that we have and the role that we play."


Natural beauty began for me when I was 19, there were alot of things that were very disconnected for me. I had really bad acne acne when I was younger and it really helped to stop putting all the chemicals on my face and all the layers of makeup.  

 "It hit me I was like 'why am I putting all of these super heavy chemicals on my face everyday, why I am putting genetically modified cotton in my vagina, why am I putting heavy toxic chemicals on my eyelids?'. No wonder my system is breaking out! No wonder my body is screaming that she needs help!”   

Jeanne De Kroon, Zazi, Zazi vintage, natuurlijke makeup, natuurlijke make-up

We forget that our own microbiome is in a constant conversation with whats on top of it, on our biggest organ, our skin. I am so happy you created this platform because when you are based in Holland sometimes its really hard to figure out what is good and where to buy from. There is greenwashing across every market and it is really difficult to read and understand every single ingredient.





  Jeanne's favourite Nourished products: 

 + Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara 
+ Wildcrafted Organics skincare - 'I use the whole range!'   
+ Nourished x Romy Dry Shampoo + Styling Powder + Scalp Treatment


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