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Woman of Nourished | Elise Milou

Mar 11, 2020

Elise Milou, Blogger Elise Milou, Nourished, Woman of Nourished

Loving mother of two, Blogger & Content Creator; Elise Milou speaks about what beauty means to her, what she hopes to communicate to her following and what her best moments with herself look like. 


Elise Milou | Woman of Nourished


Beauty…. I think beauty for me is being happy and healthy. I always make an effort to look healthy and happy, even if I'm not necessarily feeling it  inside. When I take good care of my skin and my hair and I look good it also makes me feel good. So sometimes when I am feeling a little bit down I just think okay… just put a little bit of concealer on or a little bit of colour on my cheeks and then I look at myself and think okay... it's not so bad! 


Being a blogger and having an instagram presence I am aware that I am an example for a lot of moms and so I am always very considered and deliberate in what I am putting out there. One of the messages I attempt to communicate is how important it is to be respectful to children,  to think of them not just as children but as people, and to take care of them the way you would take care of yourself.

They deserve that, and the other way around too! 


When I had my first daughter I was looking at skin care for her without chemicals and then after that I thought why don’t I use skincare without chemicals for myself? My children inspired me to look critically at my own health habits & routines. 

Having two kids of my own and taking care of other people's children at daycare means I don't have a lot of ME time. That is something I have to work on. The time that I have for myself is when the kids are sleeping, so when I put them to bed it's always around 7pm, after that I feel like… okay the day has come to and end. I go to the bathroom, take off my makeup and I actually make a ritual out of it. 


Elise Milou | Woman of Nourished


I take my time, sometimes I even put music on, like really cool, gentle, soft music and I take my makeup off, and then I wash my face with the cleanser, and sometimes I scrub, or a mask if I really want to relax. So that is my moment for myself. I really like to pamper myself.