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Finding Your Perfect Clean & Green Mascara

Mar 11, 2020

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Been wanting to make the switch to a clean mascara but not sure if they can stand up next to your usual brand? We have trawled the clean beauty market and found the best of the best and included them in our collection at Nourished just for you.  

Clean & green, high performance, waterproof, volumising, lengthening, nourishing…. we’ve got them all, but which one is the right fit for you? We decipher the options here to make finding your perfect clean mascara a breeze!

Eye Of Horus Bio Lash Lift Mascara 

The Bio Lash Lift Mascara is the star product of the Eye Of Horus BIO Collection! A lash lifting mascara made from an inspiring 100% vegan and 98% naturally derived ingredient list.

The creamy and luxurious formulation acts to add ultra-length, volume, and lift giving a divine panoramic lash-effect that frames any eye beautifully! This mascara really is an all-rounder thanks to included ocean extracts and key botanicals that nourish lashes naturally and promote growth. Available in black. This is Erin’s favourite mascara for it’s show stopping bold and voluminous lashes!

Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara 

The product that put Ere Perez on the international clean beauty map! This best selling natural mascara is adored by beauty experts across the globe. 

Get glossy lashes with this all-natural mascara formulated with Organic Almond Oil & Vitamin E to strengthen & lengthen lashes, prevent lashes from falling out and stimulate growth. Perfect for sensitive eyes & contact lenses. The Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara is available in both Black & Brown


Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara 

Ere Perez brings us this one-of-a-kind clean & green Waterproof Mascara! Their blend of Avocado & Mamey Oil nourishes lashes whilst carnauba wax creates volumising, full coverage, weather proof 24-hour wear.

Essential for any lover of life and perfect for the beach, yoga, gym, social occasions & cycling in the rain. This mascara will last from early morning to when your head hits the pillow.

Easily removed with a small amount of makeup remover, otherwise this mascara is NOT coming off! Guaranteed waterproof confidence & a real wow effect! The Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara is available in Black. 

Ere Perez Aloe Vera Lash & Brow Gel 

The ultimate all-in-one mascara! This clear natural gel mascara is made with the highest quality ingredients, including vitamin-rich Aloe Vera to lengthen lashes and highlight your true lash colour.

This multifunctional product is a must have in any natural beauty kit! Perfect to add as a base coat before your regular mascara for extra volume, over your lash extensions for an added layer of gloss, or as a brow groomer to create your ideal shape and definition. Suitable for contact lenses and sensitive eyes. Sweat-proof and water-resistant.

Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara 

The Long Lash Vegan Mascara is a luxurious formula that uses 100% plant-based and natural ingredients, free from chemicals and synthetic preservatives, to boost lash length & span.

Achieve a spectacular panoramic effect thanks to the silky smooth, clump free texture. The voluminous brush head allows the perfect amount of mascara to be applied every time. Added Carnauba Wax boosts length, creating show-stopping lashes. The Inika Long Lash vegan mascara is available in both Brown & Black

This is Floor’s favourite mascara for its smooth consistency and application, delivering length over volume. 


Inika Bold Lash Vegan Mascara 

Dramatically amplify lashes with this buildable, deeply pigmented formula. The Bold Lash Mascara offers a generous amount of mascara with each application, instantly amplifying lashes by coating every single lash with rich, glossy mascara. The purpose designed large brush separates and coats individual lashes for an extra dramatic look. Help your lashes look thicker-than-ever in a single swipe! The Inika Bold Lash Mascara is available in both Brown & Black.

Inika The Mascara - Certified Organic Mascara 

This world’s first Certified Organic & Vegan formula provides a beautiful boost to the lashes and is perfect for everyday wear.

Protect and nourish lashes with this Cranberry water based mascara, complete with a tapered wand to gain coverage of the inner and outer part of the lash line.

Rich in Magnolia Bark extract, Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil to give a glossy appearance to lashes, with no clumping or flaking. Ideal for the most sensitive eyes and for those searching for a mascara that is truly rich in nourishing certified organic ingredients. The Inika THE Mascara is available in both Black & Brown.

Ere Perez Eyes On You Almond Oil Mascara + Argan Brow Hero - Limited Edition Set

Frame your face with seriously long lashes and killer defined brows using this natural beauty essentials duo from Ere Perez including the best selling Almond Oil Mascara in Black and the Argan Brow Hero. 

Ere Perez's Argan Brow Hero thickens, tames & tints your brows to make sure they are on fleek! The colour is perfect for every complexion & glides on smoothly to fill-in or define your brows.

RAWW Cosmetics - Moringa Lash Impact Mascara

Create those dazzling eyes with this beautiful Moringa Lash Impact Mascara from Raww Cosmetics. This natural mascara will not only give your eyes a beautiful look, but also takes care of your lashes with infused superfood oil. It's a multifunctional mascara that is a staple for every makeup bag.

This mascara comes in two pretty shades:

Carbon is a deep black colour to make your lashes look divine all day.  

Cocoa is a warm brown colour to make your lashes look pretty all day. 

RAWW Cosmetics - Loaded Lash Volume Mascara

Create that Va-Va-Voom look with the Loaded Lash Volume Mascara from Raww Cosmetics. This natural mascara will give that desired volume and beautiful colour to your lashes. Easy to apply and gives intense colour due to the pinecone shape wand of this mascara. This natural makeup hero contains superfoods to stimulate lash growth and maintain the health of your lashes.

The loaded lash volume mascara comes in the shades:

Carbon a deep black colour to make your lashes look divine all day. 

Blueberry Pop a bright blue colour to make your lashes look unique all day. 

 RAWW Cosmetics - Flutter Lash Lengthening Mascara

Treat yourself every day to beautiful long lashes with the Flutter Lash Lengthening Mascara from Raww Cosmetics. This natural mascara is formulated with the beautiful superfood Moringa Oil to nourish and maintain the health of your lashes. The slim and precise wand of this mascara will make it easy to lengthen your lashes and prevent them from sticking to each other.

The shades are:

Carbon is a deep black colour to make your lashes look perfect all day. 

Cocoa is a chocolate brown colour to make your lashes look perfect all day. 

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