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Mar 08, 2020

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Here at Nourished, we are all about empowering all women in all ways including in the bedroom.  We want women to feel confident & fabulous every day in every way and here at Nourished we feel it is important to normalise the conversation around female sexuality and women's pleasure in a way that is safe & inclusive and without shame or embarrassment. And that is why we are so pleased to be the ONLY online stockists of Jonny vegan condoms in Europe.


Who's Jonny?


Haven't heard of Jonny? Jonny is the new cool kid on the block. Not only is Jonny vegan and comes in beautifully branded eco-packaging, Jonny is all about consent, respect, empowerment & pleasure!


Jonny has three mottos:

+ Be Good To Self. You're in control. Look after your health and don't ever do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, especially when it comes to sex. 

+ Be Good To Others. Sex is all about respect. And respect is a two-way street!

+ Be Good To Mother Nature. Jonny does not use any animal products in its production and comes with bio-degradable Fab Little Bags so your loving doesn't end up down the drain. Be a lover, not a flusher!


Vegan Condoms? 


Never knew that mainstream condoms were made with animal products? The way most mainstream condoms make their latex smooth is by including a protein derived from milk called casein. Jonny, however, steers clear of all animal derivatives and nasty toxins. Ever heard of vegan sex? Well, you have now!


The alarming increase in STI's in the Netherlands and broader Europe shows a certain blasé attitude towards safe sex in these current times. By including our new sex category at Nourished and by offering Jonny to our Nourished community we hope to make buying condoms easier and to take away the embarrassment that some women (& even some men) experience when purchasing condoms in the store. We definitely want to encourage women to take their health into their own hands because at the end of the day, we don't believe it is a man's responsibility to always buy condoms. And honestly, who would want to leave that up to someone who they had known for maybe three hours? We believe in taking charge and always being prepared for fun, even when you least expect it. 


So to all our Nourished Women out there... we salute you! Go forth, make great choices for yourself, have fun and conquer the world! 


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