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The Top Three Secrets To Skin Ageing

Mar 04, 2020

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Let’s be honest. None of us are excited about ageing. But as a collective we are probably the least excited about our skin ageing. Wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation, burst blood vessels, brown spots, loss of volume, sagging & drooping, none of these things are anything to get excited about! Whilst there is no such thing as a silver bullet for us to avoid skin ageing altogether, there is A LOT that we can do to slow down & in some cases even reverse some of the process. 


What causes skin ageing?


Skin ageing is caused by a combination of functional slowdown that naturally happens as we grow older and environmentally induced cellular alteration. And whilst we can’t turn back the clock we can definitely make changes to our environment and how we look after our skin. 

External environmental factors that will cause premature skin aging include: exposure to the sun, pollution, lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption and diet. The major extrinsic factor of skin aging is UV rays which we clearly see evidenced by the condition of the back of hands and face that are exposed to the sun the most. Tobacco smoking destroys elastin and collagen production, resulting in older looking skin and dull complexion. The skin of people who live in highly polluted cities shows significantly higher oxidative stress and lower hydration levels when compared to those who live in less polluted areas and as such there is a strong demand for answers to rejuvenate our skin, reducing wrinkles, restoring skin texture, smoothness, radiance, reducing pigmentation, and lightening aging spots.


The top three secrets to skin ageing: 

Extensive dermatological studies have shown that there are three primary things that we can do to slow skin ageing:


1. Protect against UV 

Reduce photo-ageing by applying sunscreen daily. With sun-exposure reportedly contributing to up to 80% of skin ageing one of the BEST things we can do to slow skin-ageing is to wear sunscreen every day. Our favourite sunscreens include: 
    + The Witlof Tinted Day Cream - SPF30, can be worn over your day cream/serum or can replace them altogether thanks to its nourishing blend of natural antioxidant rich oils. Can also be worn under makeup, as a foundation thanks to its universal tint that is suitable for most complexions. If you want to protect your skin from the sun but hate the greasy after feel of most sunscreens our beauty hack is to dust a fine layer of the 100% Pure Bamboo Blur Powder - Translucent with your Kabuki Brush over your sunscreen. This will act to absorb any grease and leave you with a matte finish perfect to be worn either on its own or to build on with your makeup. This hack is also perfect for people with long eyelashes who find that their mascara ends up sticking to their sunscreen all around their eyes. No more panda eyes here! 

    + Inika Loose Mineral Foundation SPF25 is the perfect multifunctional foundation-sunscreen in one! Now available in 8 different shades to suit all skin tones. 


    2. Restore damaged skin 


    Protect & restore damaged skin from environmental damage using skincare with active ingredients. Active ingredients are defined as ingredients that are capable of altering the structure or function of the skin, with the gold standards being Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A & Niacinamide. 
    Vitamin C enhances collagen levels and skin cell turnover which improves skin appearance and the condition of the surface of your skin making it ideal for people suffering with redness, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Vitamin E acts to neutralise cell oxidation & degradation from UV & pollution exposure, it also helps with Vitamin A skin penetration. Vitamin A acts to enhance collagen production and new ‘young’ skin cell production making it a wonderful option for people with sensitised and sensitive skin conditions including psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis. Niacinamide  is proven to repair the DNA of cells damaged by UV while calming redness, evening skin tone, reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen & elastin production. Once you understand what each of these active ingredients do, you will also be able to see the benefit of combining different actives to create an interactive, synergistic skin care routine.
    Some of our favourite ‘active’ skincare products include: 

    + Biologi Serums: Bf- Restore Face & Body Serum, Bd - Luminosity Face Serum, Bk - Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum and Bqk - Radiance Face Serum. These plant serums are the world's ONLY source of stable, natural Vitamin C in skincare thanks to Biologi’s purpose designed and patented technology created by Biologi founder & cosmetic chemist Ross McDougald.  

    Sans [ceuticals] Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil: A potent vitamin rich multi-purpose body + face oil with dialled up doses of Vitamin A for your best skin yet.

    + Sans [ceuticals] Barrier Restore Butter A highly nourishing & deeply hydrating butter utilising 5% niacinamide for the body + face. 

    3. Get your skin working


    Boost skin cell metabolism and renewal to restore the skin's mechanical properties and improve skin texture and appearance. This can be achieved by utilising one of the most consistently overlooked steps of a great skincare routine: exfoliation. Exfoliating not only helps to remove congestion, pollution, old makeup and other toxins from the outer skin layers, it also helps to remove excess dead skin cells assisting with skin cell turnover, metabolism and also absorption of your active skincare. We have a few great recommendations for gentle but effective exfoliation:

    + Sans [ceuticals] Bio Active Exfoliant formulated with facial grade bamboo powder, ginseng and shea butter this is a gentle yet effective exfoliant that will stimulate skin blood flow & metabolism, leaving skin soft & nourished. 

    +Eco by Sonya Super Acai Exfoliator designed to intensely exfoliate whilst enriching the skin with the powerful antioxidant and brightening properties of marvellous Acai!

    +Ipsum Skin - Enzyme MicroPolish is a hero when it comes to removing dead skin cells, moisturizing and calming skin. As this powerhouse contains naturally derived salicylic acid it has the power to even out skin texture, and also reduce blackheads and other skin blemishes.

    And don’t forget that a consistent and regular skincare routine, along with healthy lifestyle habits, will help to reduce the daily environmental stress that makes us all appear older than the 18 year old we feel on the inside!  
    Discover more effective & natural options for Anti-Ageing in the Nourished collection. 

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