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Why Eco-Sanitary Products? Your Body. Our Planet.

Dec 30, 2020

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The 21st Century Woman is no doubt a knowledgeable powerhouse, but translating deceptive labels and navigating her way through the chemical cocktail that the consumer-products industry has become can be a mission for even the most forward thinking (& acting) of us! As if deciphering skincare & makeup products weren’t enough, chances are that the complicated labelling of period products renders most of us completely & utterly confused. 


A toxic cocktail

 Organic tampons, Organic pads, period cups, menstrual cups, ethical period products, eco-sanitary products, Grace & Green, Grace and Green


Most Women have never stopped to think about what their hygiene products are made from. The reality being that most tampons are made from an undesirable mix of polyester, rayon and non-organic cotton. A blend that makes for one toxic cocktail for our vagina to drink up. In fact, a recent report by the nonprofit organisation Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) highlights that feminine hygiene products may use ingredients that are known or suspected endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), carcinogens, or allergens.


Rayon is a synthetic fibre that can be manufactured from many different sources of cellulose, and has been known to dry out the protective mucous of the vagina making it less effective at self-cleaning its internal health. 


Ever wondered how your tampon got so white? Most bright white tampons have become that way through thorough chlorine-bleaching and are likely to contain harmful, carcinogenic dioxin residue in their fibres which can then enter the vaginal canal. It is well known that these fibers can potentially break off and harbour bacteria which can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Protect your vagina.

Our vaginas are actually very similar to sponges. The vaginal canal is richly populated with blood vessels and produces mucus that protects against harmful microorganisms by creating a mucous barrier and washing these nasties away. Because of this the vagina is capable of both secreting and rapidly absorbing fluids and it does this at a higher rate than our skin! Fortunately and unfortunately it does this without metabolizing them which means the vagina can be excellent for administering life-saving medication but also means that it can expose women to higher levels of chemicals from their sanitary products. 


Organic tampons, Organic pads, period cups, menstrual cups, ethical period products, eco-sanitary products, Grace & Green, Grace and Green

Among these chemicals that we can absorb from our sanitary products are hormonal disruptors including parabens, which are used as preservatives and fragrance (of interesting note is that parabens are also commonly used in personal lubricants - check out non-tox organic lubricant). Hormonal disruptors have been documented to have an impact on fertility, menstrual health and sexual function and development. Chemicals from plastics that are used to wrap tampons and pads have also become a topic of potential concern.


Choosing organic tampons made of cotton grown without pesticides or plastics is one of the best ways to protect your vagina from absorbing potential health-disrupting chemicals & toxins.

Your body. Our planet. 

Given that the average woman uses 11,000 products in her lifetime, most of which end up in our waterways or landfill. That is why we believe that choosing eco-friendly sanitary products is a contribution we can all make to the planet. That's why we have chosen to include brands to our eco-sanitary collection who are committed to sourcing ingredients that won't hang around for future generations to come. 


Grace & Green spent years researching, innovating & designing to create an exceptional collection of biodegradable organic sanitary pads and tampons, crafted from the highest quality ingredients like organic cotton. They have also developed a non-plastic, biodegradable wrap for their tampons. Thanks to their desire to disrupt the feminine hygiene industry and their continued commitment to innovation, Women's health and the environment, they are now one of the only brands to be 100% plastic-free! 

Shop the Eco-Sanitary Collection 

Why we love Grace & Green 

+ Ethically Crafted Essentials

Their innovative design and renewable manufacturing with premium organic ingredients create high-performing, ethical period products. Their range of organic cotton liners, tampons, and pads are made plastic-free, biodegradable, cruelty-free and vegan.

The Grace & Green collection has been intelligently engineered from 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), ICEA and carries the seal of organic cotton.

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+ Safe For Intimate Areas

Organic cotton creates safer period products that are gentle on your skin. Free from toxins, chemicals, dyes, synthetic fibres and fragrance.


+ Kind To The Planet

Grown without toxic chemicals, organic cotton promotes better soil and air quality, and is less water and energy intensive than conventionally grown cotton. 

+ Support Farmers

Organic cotton creates better health standards for farmers and their surrounding communities, and preserves land quality for future generations.


Check out the innovative 100% plastic free paper wrapped tampons and the Grace & Green ethical period products






Organic tampons, Organic pads, period cups, menstrual cups, ethical period products, eco-sanitary products, Grace & Green, Grace and Green

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