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The Benefits Of Using An Organic Personal Lubricant

Jan 15, 2021

The Benefits Of Using An Organic Personal Lubricant

By now you all probably know that we are continually on the search for beautiful & natural alternatives to mainstream choices. And of course it was no different when curating our sex collection. We were not at all satisfied with the personal lubricants on offer, with most of them including nasty chemicals, artificial flavours, overpowering scents and tacky packaging that we felt showed a lack of appreciation for the sensual world.

That was until we discovered Bonk Lube; An amazing brand from New Zealand that has creates completely natural, certified organic personal lubricants for both women and men to enjoy.


Why use an Organic Lube? 

Bonk Lube Natural Organic Personal Lubricant




There are so many benefits to using a natural organic personal lubricant! Because the Bonk Lube personal lubricants are completely natural and Certified Organic, they are ideal for:

+ if you are fussy about what you allow into/onto your most sensual of body parts ;)

+ Vegans or anyone adhering to a plant-based lifestyle  

+ sensitive skin  

+ if you have pesticide sensitivities

+  anyone looking to detox their life




Choices in the bedroom 

Bonk Lube Organic Natural Personal Lubricant The Bonk Lube organic personal lubricants are also designed to provide superior lubricant performance. With a choice of Water Based Bonk Lube or Oil Based Bonk Lube, you have your bases covered for an entirely pleasurable experience. These lubes are delicious to use with non-sticky lightly scented formulas to enhance your enjoyment, and deliver long lasting lubrication for extra loving.


Bonk Lube Natural Organic Personal Lubricant The Oil Based Bonk Lube is amazing for those long love making sessions in the bedroom or bathroom (watch out for the slippery tiles!), and we love it for its non-drip creamy-oil texture. The Water Based Bonk Lube is your go-to choice for lubrication that is compatibly with any condom, vibrator or toy. Both options are available in a bed-side full sized tube and also a sex-on-the-go travel sized tube that fits conveniently and discreetly into any purse or toiletry bag.  


For your pleasure.... 

Using a natural, organic Personal Lubricant has many benefits in the bedroom and beyond. Below are some of our favourite:

+ increased sensation

+ extra slip & slide allows more fun, creativity and inspires an adventurous spirit!

+ allows extra-long sexy time 

+ more ease ( = greater pleasure) 

+ sensual feels that can help improve the sexy-vibe

+ can help make sex with condoms more comfortable & pleasurable for everyone involved 

+ assists those who struggle to create enough of their own lubrication due to hormonal imbalance from the pill, menopause & other hormones eccentricities

+ better shower sex 

+ more sensual handjobs 



A natural, organic lube can make sex better for everyone, regardless of if there is one, two or more of you! 


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