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Sustainable period proof underwear

Feb 24, 2023

Yoni | Period Proof Underwear | Menstruatieondergoed | Nourished

What is period proof underwear?

The answer is easy, it is underwear that you can wear during your period instead of using tampons, liners and pads. You can wear period proof underwear to replace tampons, liners and pads during the day or you wear these, quite sexy briefs during the night. Are you looking for a little bit of extra safety during heavy days? Wear them to make sure you don't leak. Yoni got you covered! 

Everything you need to know about period proof underwear.

One of the most asked questions is... what do you do with them after you wore them? Easy, you rinse them and wash them with your regular underwear. 

Other facts: 

  • Yoni underwear absorbs up till 3 tampons 
  • They are made with organic cotton and recycled nylon 
  • Are sustainably made in Portugal 
  • You can wash you underwear up to 40 degrees 
  • Don't dry them in a dryer, your period proof underwear last longer when you dry it on a drying rack

Yoni provided us with another interesting fact. Women spend on average 12 euro a month on period products, this is approximately €5780 per lifetime. We know buying period proof underwear feels like an expensive investment but in the long run it will save you money. 

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