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Create your minimalist routine

Sep 29, 2022

Vela Days | Nourished | Hemp Skincare

How To Achieve The Perfect Skin-minimalist Routine?

Creating your perfect skin-minimalist, or Skinmalism routine doesn't need to be overwhelming or confusing anymore.

Skinmalism is a global trend that is growing in popularity due to the explosion of the beauty world over the last three years. Mass consumption and consumerism are on the way out, and there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel that less might be more.


Vela Days. Nourished. Skinminimalism. Hemp. Natural Skincare.Skinmalism takes this to the beauty cupboards and skincare graveyards of skincare fanatics across the globe. Twelve-step routines are on their way out and being replaced with highly active all-in-one products, giving consumers more time back in their day to enjoy the things that matter. Not to mention the bonus to the environment. Reducing 12 bottles each month will drastically help our growing climate crisis.

So then, what is Skinmalism?

Skinmalism is the new trend of minimalism when applied to your natural skincare routine. Skinmalism is about stripping away the extraneous steps and products that don't do anything for your skin. It's about using fewer products that are more effective and efficient. A Skinmalisim beauty routine should be quick, easy, and most importantly – it should work.



Why is a minimalist approach to beauty gaining traction?

Most importantly, people realize that a minimalist lifestyle can help reduce stress in our day-to-day lives and the environment.

Regarding our appearance and beauty routines, we have placed increasing pressure on our beauty routines to have the latest ingredient and products. We have been in a spiral, always looking for the next upgrade and miracle treatment. Ironically, too much stress/consumerism puts our bodies into overdrive, and that stress can affect our skin.

Similarly, a minimalist approach to beauty is also becoming popular because it is more sustainable and affordable. People are increasingly aware of the need to reduce their environmental impact, and a minimalist lifestyle is one way to do that. Highly concentrated solutions often last longer than traditional beauty products, and you need less of a product to achieve the same results. So where cost-savings are concerned, Skinmalism makes a little go a long way.

A Skinmalisim beauty routine is also more gentle on your skin. Because you're using fewer products, your skin isn't exposed to as many potential irritants as traditional beauty routines.

How to build the most effortless Minimalist routine?

Welcome, Vela Days. Vela Days embodies this trend, having pioneered a simple, 3-step skincare routine that personifies all the virtues of Skinmalism. Their highly concentrated solutions use new cosmetic technology, active ingredients and their core CannaComplex® ingredients to outperform 12-step beauty treatments in terms of time and results.

Lipid Complex. Active Compiund. Oil Infusion. Vela Days. Nourished. Hemp. Natural Skincare.


Lipid Complex. Use it as a first cleanse on dry skin and a second cleanse on wet skin. It's also a fantastic face mask when left on.


Active Compound - A facial in a bottle. Six serums in one highly functional all-inclusive product. A serum that works to make the skin look tighter and more youthful. Use morning and night as your all-in-one serum.


Oil Infusion Serum profoundly moisturizes your skin with rare plant oils for excellent barrier protection and moisturization; however, it also treats pigmentation for the ultimate glow.


These three products create a minimalist routine that replaces over 12 different skincare products.


Vela Days products use highly concentrated natural ingredients, including hemp seed oil and hemp extract, to give you a range of benefits related to Skinmalism, including:


Time: the 3-step process is much faster than traditional 12-step methods.

Money: by only needing three products, you'll continue to save monthly.

Gentleness: the natural solutions nourish the skin much more effectively.

Sustainable: Vela Days ingredients are ethically sourced, and they offer refills on some products.


How are you trying to reduce your routine and your impact?