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Is the aluminium in my deodorant dangerous?

Feb 07, 2018

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'There is aluminium in my deodorant?' Is a common response we get when discussing the potential effects of chemicals & toxins in cosmetics & personal care products. Many of us are still unaware that the deodorant or antiperspirant we use every single day, actually contains Aluminium. Hopefully this article can convince you to try an all natural deodorant next time! 


Aluminium salts are used as the active ingredient in most mainstream deodorants & antiperspirants, however its long-term health effects are still largely unknown. These aluminium-based compounds act as plugs within the sweat glands that temporarily stop the secretion of sweat. Some research suggests that when often used, these compounds may be absorbed by the skin near the breast and have detrimental health effects.

DNA, Hormones and more.. 

Aluminium is known to be capable of causing both DNA alterations & epigenetic effects. If this were to occur in breast cells it would be consistent with a possible role in breast cancer development. Aluminium in the form of Aluminium Chloride or Aluminium Chlorhydrate is also capable of interfering with oestrogen action, which has been well documented as an influence in breast cancer.
Although you may be reading this thinking that it sounds like a clear-cut case, the truth is that there is limited research in this area & the jury is still out. And so whilst there have been previous suggestions that using these products containing aluminium can lead to breast cancer, this is yet to be scientifically proven.
We do however know that Aluminium is capable of DNA alterations, epigenetic effects & oestrogen disruption. And all of these are very good reasons to ensure you switch to a natural deodorant without Aluminium. 


Our absolute favourite, after trialling almost every natural deodorant on the market, are these beautiful deodorants. We will keep on testing, trialing and searching for more amazing deodorant.

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