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Get The Most From Your Biologi Serum

Nov 01, 2019

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Biologi serums are revolutionising the way consumers view skincare.


Challenging conventional methods, products and marketing, introducing Biologi will mean making changes to your skincare products and routine. These serums are unlike any skincare product you have you previously used. They will look, feel and act differently which can take some trial and time to get used to. Here’s some tips on how to use these revolutionary serums to achieve the best results for your skin.


Top tip: Introduce serums gradually

The Biologi range of serums is 100% active, and it’s unlikely your skin will have been exposed to this level of activity before. We recommend you introduce Biologi gradually to give your skin a chance to respond to the pure plant serum.


Use Biologi Bf Serum every second day for the first week and measure how your skin adjusts. Continue with the Bf daily until the entire bottle is completed. From here you can move to alternating the Bd, Bk, Bqk and Bm daily (the names can be a little confusing… in actual fact each serum can be used over the entire face and we recommend using them this way for ease) 

Here’s our recommended basic skincare routine: 


+ Cleanse - using the Bc Refresh Cleanser, massage onto dry skin

+ Biologi serum of choice

+ Sunscreen - the Daily Face + Body Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 from Nourished Daily is a good option for when using the Biologi Serums.

+ Please wait 10 mins after Biologi application before applying sunscreen & makeup. 


+ Remove makeup - you can use the Activator 7 Oil from Sans [ceuticals] for this

+ Cleanse  - using the Bc Refresh Cleanser 

+ Biologi serum of choice (can be the same or different to the morning serum) and if you are looking for even more hydration, wait 5 minutes after applying your serum and them layer a few drops of the Br Organic Rosehip Oil over the top.

Once or twice a week

Add a gentle exfoliant into your evening routine we have three faves here at Nourished: Sans [ceuticals] Bio Active Exfoliant, INIKA Organic Phytofuse Renew Caviar Lime Exfoliator, Ipsum Skin Enzyme MicroPolish


+ Don’t layer serums

Putting serums on top of each other can cancel out the active ingredients rather than making them more effective. If you want to get the benefits of two serums, use one in the morning, and one in the evening, or on alternating days. 

If you use Bk eye serum, use ¼ a pump around the eye area and use the other serum on top of the face being careful not to touch the eye area. We actually recommend just using the Bk serum over the entire face and alternating with the Bd serum. 


+ Always make sure face and hands are completely dry before applying

When active ingredients come into contact with water, it can cancel out their potency making them less effective. Make sure hands and face are completely dry before applying serums. If you’ve recently cleansed, wait five to ten minutes before applying the serum.


+ Throw your moisturiser away

We often get asked if you still need moisturiser, and the answer is NO. Biologi serums are multi-use, which means they address a range of skincare concerns while hydrating and balancing complexion. Using a moisturiser with Biologi will clog up pores to stop active ingredients penetrating deep within the dermal layers and may cancel out potent active ingredients. 

+ Specific skin concerns

It is essential to find the serum that works for your individual skin type. This may involve a certain amount of trial and error as you observe how your skin reacts to active ingredients. Please refer to the How To Use Biologi Guide for specific skin condition recommendations. 

To Note: Skin purge

When skin cells are first exposed to active ingredients, you might experience a purging process. This is the toxins being expelled from the cells, and while you might notice spots, breakouts or a sticky texture on the skin, purging is definitely a good thing!

The skin purge can last up to four weeks or in many cases; it may not happen at all. Purging is a short-term effect of using actives to treat the skin on a cellular level.  We encourage you to persevere as once your skin is completely purged; you’ll be left with hydrated, glowing skin.

If your skin is still purging after four weeks, contact us at so we can discuss your skincare routine and make further recommendations.

To note: Skin stickiness

Some people can experience skin stickiness when they first start using Biologi serums. This is very normal, and means your Biologi serum is working!

I'll explain - so when you look at skin cells, the outer wall of that little skin cell is actually made up of sugars. When the skin is damaged the outer walls of the cells are actually broken.. When you apply Biologi, it races to the middle of that skin cell,  replenishes it and fixes the outer wall of its cell. It will then shed the old damaged cell walls (which are made of sugars). Which is why you get sticky. It means your skin is actually repairing itself which is so cool to actually physically feel. 

Once repaired, the top layers of the epidermis start to function better and allow your serum to penetrate deeper and work on the lower layers of the skin, this is when you don’t notice the stickiness anymore. There is definitely an adjustment period when you start to use these revolutionary serums. They are 100% active plant extracts, so as you can imagine they are quite potent! 

Further q’s? 

If you have any further questions regarding the Biologi Serums we are happy to help! Please email us your q's at