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How to use Biologi: a comprehensive guide to the serums

Sep 24, 2019

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Biologi serums are different than other serums, and you will discover in this article why. Discover the products that Biologi had to offer with their growing skincare and body care collection.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at changing a routine you’ve followed for as long as you can remember, here’s our comprehensive guide on how to use their nourishing serums to achieve the best results for your skin.

Top tip: Introduce Biologi serums gradually

The Biologi range of serums include active ingredients, and sometimes this takes some time to adjust to. We recommend you introduce Biologi gradually to give your skin a chance to respond to the these plant serums.

Use Biologi every second day for the first week and measure how your skin adjusts.

ALERT: Skin purge

When skin cells are first exposed to active ingredients in any kind of skincare product, you might experience a purging process. This means that the toxins are being expelled from the cells, and while you might notice spots, breakouts or a sticky texture on the skin, purging is definitely a good thing!

The skin purge can last up to four weeks or in many cases; it may not happen at all. Purging is a short-term effect of using actives to treat the skin on a cellular level. We encourage you to persevere as once your skin is completely purged; you’ll be left with hydrated, glowing skin.

If your skin is still purging after four weeks, contact us at so we can discuss your skincare routine and make further recommendations.

Here’s our recommended basic skincare routine:


+ Cleanse - using the Bc Refresh Cleanser 

+ Biologi serum of choice

+ Sunscreen - the Little Urchin Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50 is a good option for when using the Biologi Serums or choose an SPF makeup product from our range. 


    + Remove makeup - you can use the Activator 7 Oil from Sans [ceuticals] for this

    + Cleanse - using the Bc Refresh Cleanser 

    + Biologi serum of choice (can be the same or different to the morning serum) and if you are looking for even more hydration, wait 5 minutes after applying your serum and them layer a few drops of the Br Organic Rosehip Oil or By Wild Harvested Blackberry Seed Oil over the top.

    Once or twice a week

    Add a gentle exfoliant into your evening routine we have three faves here at Nourished: Sans [ceuticals] Bio Active ExfoliantBx Reveal Exfoliant or the Nourished Daily Face + Body Scrub

    To address specific skin concerns, it’s essential to find the serum that works for your individual skin type. This may involve a certain amount of trial and error as you observe how your skin reacts to active ingredients.

    These are our recommended serums for some of the more common skin concerns. P.s. from ALL biologi serums we have mini's so testing the best serum for you is easy. 

    Biologi Serum, Natural Serum, Natural Skin Care. 


    Bd serum & Bk serum 

    No serum can cure acne, but you may be able to reduce redness, clear pores and reduce inflammation caused by breakouts.

    Bd contains tartaric acid, which works as an enzyme exfoliant to leave skin fresh and glowing. The antioxidising properties will also reduce redness and inflammation and reduce the appearance of acne scarring.

    Bk serum is a single-plant extract of the Kakadu plum which is rich in anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties to treat and heal inflamed skin. 

    Application guidelines

    Week one: Introduce Bd serum once a day at night 

    Week two: Alternate Bk and Bd twice a day as follows:

    + Day one: Bd morning and night
    + Day two: Bk morning and night

      Week three: Bk morning and Bd at night daily 



      Bqk serum

      Bqk Radiance serum is a two-step ritual designed to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and sun damage.

      Radiance morning serum is a plant ingredient extract of Kakadu plum.

      Kakadu plum contains potent plant-based vitamin C as well as intense pigment inhibiting phytoactives, ellagic and gallic acid.

      As well as attacking pigmentation, Kakadu plum extract also reduces the visible signs of ageing caused by sun damage and brightens the overall appearance of the skin.

      Radiance evening serum is a plant ingredient extract of Quandong.

      Quandong contains rutin and chlorogenic acid, which are essential nutrients to reduce redness and pigmentation. The phytonutrients also work in synergy with tryptophan and ferulic acid to prevent further pigment from forming.

      Application guidelines 

      Week one: Introduce Bf serum once per day at night (you can use one of the mini's or 20ml bottles for this week)

      Week two onwards: Alternate Bqk and Bd as follows:

      + Day one: Bd morning and night
      + Day two: Bqk morning and night
      + Repeat

        OILY SKIN

        Bd serum

        Tartaric acid naturally occurs in Davidson plum and works to break down the protein bonds that clog pores leading to oily skin. The enzyme exfoliant also balances oil production by gently cleansing excess sebum that can leave a greasy appearance.

        Application guidelines 

        Week one: Introduce Bd serum once a day at night 

        Week two onwards: Alternate Bqk and Bd twice a day as followed:

        + Day one: Bd morning and night
        + Day two: Bqk morning and night
        + Repeat


          Bf serum

          A plant extract of Australian finger lime, Bf serum is naturally potent in ferulic acid which hydrates the whole body and face.

          Application guidelines

          + Week one: Introduce Bf serum once a day at night 
          + Week two onwards: Use Bf serum twice a day

          Optional: Use Br 100% Rosehip Oil after Biologi Serums (wait one hour after using your serum before you apply your Rosehip Oil)

           Biologi, Serum, Bf Serum, Natural Skincare.

          SUN DAMAGE

          Bqk and Bd serum

          Vitamin C from a natural source boosts collagen production to increase the suppleness of skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and reduce dark circles to leave skin younger and more hydrated.

          Bk serum from the BQK set is traditionally developed as an eye serum but can also be used all over the face and body to target specific ageing spots like fine lines and discoloured skin.

          Application guidelines

          Week one: Introduce Bqk serum once a day at night 

          Week two onwards: Alternate Bd and Bqk as follows:

          + Day one: Bd morning and night
          + Day two: Bqk morning and night

            Optional: Apply Bk around the eye area (being careful not to layer serums) You can also use the Bk for all over the face, not just the eyes



            Bm Serum and Bqk or Bd serum

            Amino Acids are the building blocks for antioxidants that protect our cells. Protection from damaged cells and inflammation protect us from signs of ageing. Amino Acids reduce redness and irritation which leads to an even and supple complexion. 

            Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing serum provides you with anti-aging protection as this serum is high in amino acids: Athocyanin encourages collagen production and restores skin damage, Rutin improves flexibility of the skin and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, Chlorogenic acid protects against UV radiation and balances complexion, reduces pigmentation and signs of ageing. 

            Application guidelines

            Week one: Introduce Bm once a day at night 

            Week two onwards: Alternate Bm and Bqk OR Bd

            + Day one: Bm morning and night
            + Day two: Bqk or Bd morning and night



            Bf serum

            Repair barrier function with daily use of Bf serum, a natural source of Tryptophan, the Alpha-amino acid that helps strengthen protective cells.

            Application guidelines 

            Weeks one and two: Introduce Bf serum once a day at night 

            Week three onwards: Alternate Bf and Bqk as follows:

            + Day one: Bf morning and night
            + Day two: Bqk morning and night
            + Repeat


            Biologi, Natural Skincare, Rosehip Oil, Nourished


            + Don’t layer serums

              Putting serums on top of each other can cancel out the active ingredients rather than making them more effective. If you want to get the benefits of two serums, use one in the morning, and one in the evening.

              If you use Bk as an eye serum, use ¼ of a pump around the eye area and use the other serum on top of the face being careful not to touch the eye area.

              + Always make sure face and hands are completely dry before applying

                When active ingredients come into contact with water, it can cancel out their potency making them less effective. Make sure hands and face are completely dry before applying serums. If you’ve recently cleansed, wait five to ten minutes before applying the serum.

                + You don't need a moisturise

                  We often get asked if you still need a moisturiser, and the answer is NO. Biologi serums are multiuse, which means they address a range of skincare concerns while hydrating and balancing complexion. Using a moisturiser with Biologi will clog up pores to stop active ingredients penetrating deep within the dermal layers and may cancel out potent active ingredients. When you use Biologi, you no longer need a moisturiser in any capacity.

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                  If you have any further questions regarding the Biologi Serums we are happy to help! Please email us your q's at or send a DM at Nourished_eu on Instagram. 

                  Explore the complete Biologi plant serum collection at Nourished.