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Evening Routine for dark days

Oct 14, 2022

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Evening routine for dark days

We are in the middle of autumn and the days are still getting shorter. So chances are, you are spending more time at home and you also feel that your evenings are longer. While of course we all enjoy a drink in the sun after a working day, there are also wonderful ways to spend your evening in winter. But we promise: you can make these (a little depressing) days work for you. After all, it's the perfect time to turn inward and spend time with the most important person in your life: yourself.

Get comfy

An important step for a healing evening: loungewear! Jeans off, jacket back on the hanger and loungewear on. Start this off right by choosing clothes of natural origin to be kind to your skin and the world. Urban Goddess' yoga and loungewear is perfect for this: the fabrics are natural (from organic cotton and bamboo) and therefore safe for your skin. The extra-long leggings and pants keep you warm from your belly to your feet and are unrivalled soft. Our favourites: the Pranafied Flared trousers, one of the many colours of the Dakini or a pair of their leggings. Also amazing if you don't do yoga!

Ayurvedic Food | Urban Goddess | Nourished

Nourishing food habits

Is it already dark when you get home? Chances are that your energy levels are lower than you would like by then. It is then nice if you make it easy for yourself to still eat a healthy meal. For instance, make sure you have already done your groceries during the weekend and that you know what you are going to cook. For this, try to choose local vegetables that are in season: according to Ayurvedic teachings, this is better for digestion and it reduces your carbon footprint as well. This will undoubtedly make you feel invigorated, both in your body and in your karma ;)


Get in your skin

Getting through dark days is easier if you feel good in your skin. In your evening routine, you can take this quite literally: FEEL yourself! Take a nice shower and be mindful of your actions. Feel the skin of your body, forget your rush. Chances are that you will also end up finishing faster, because a busy and distracted head often causes you to perform tasks less effectively in the end. And so you save water too ;)

Alternated exposure to the cold outside, and the dry warm air indoors takes a toll on your skin. Therefore, after the seasonal changes, your skin is probably a lot drier than in summer. For your routine in autumn, it is therefore best to opt for natural, rich products. For that, you're in the right place at Nourished! For instance, choose soaps and scrubs for dry skin, such as the Dry Skin Face & Body Pack from Nourished Daily.

After your shower, mindfully massage yourself with a rich body butter like the Barrier Restore Butter. Your face can be pampered with a face mask like the Superdose Luminosity Mask, which is especially perfect for hydrating your skin. Love your body!

Urban Goddess Yoga Nourished

Yoga before bed

Are you up for even more self care? Then give one last gift to yourself in the form of a gentle, short yoga practice. Didn't have your Urban Goddess yoga attire on yet? Then now is the time.

Start in a cross-legged or lotus position and breathe quietly for a few minutes, noticing how your body and mind are feeling now that you have come to sit on your mat. Deepen your breathing towards your belly. For a light, warming stretch, reach your arms wide from the floor, all the way to above your head, and back down through the middle. After this, warm up your back by doing a few cat-cow poses.

Then you can arrange the practice however you like. You will especially enjoy soothing forward bends for your evening yoga. Other favorites include the Pigeon or Sleeping Swan Pose, a Happy Baby, a nice twist for your back and core and, of course, don't skip Savasana.

Do it for you

The order of your routine is not important. Do you prefer to eat later? Then you can also do your yoga and self care session before dinner. The most important thing in forming a nice winter routine is to make it as effortless as possible for you. And you do this by choosing only the elements that work for you and arranging them in a way that makes you happy. You bet you'll wake up the next morning feeling great, and won't have missed that drink in the sun at all!

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