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Unlock your skin's potential with Vitamin K

Oct 11, 2022

Unlock your skin's potential with Vitamin K
Biologi, one of our favourite Australian clean cosmeceutical skincare brands, has just added a NEW face oil to their product range, By Blackberry Seed Oil. This one-of-a kind nutritive lightweight face oil is set to become a greatest hit on the clean skincare scene. 

Biologi continue to create revolutionary and world first skincare products to the market and the By Blackberry Seed Oil definitely is no exception. The By Oil will sit alongside their long standing and award-winning Br Rosehip Oil and will add another highly effective facial oil choice to the range.

Biologi founders Ross and Lucy Macdougald wanted to offer a different type of oil, that was unique and one that has exceptional nutritional benefits for the skin. Ross, a cosmetic chemist, searched tirelessly for the new super skin food ingredient and found Blackberry Seed Oil is an all round over performer. And so the By Blackberry Seed Oil was born.  


By Wild Harvested Blackberry Seed oil - Biologi

Blackberry Seed Oil is powered with nutritionally high Vitamin K content that provides exceptional benefits for the skin. Vitamin K is important for our body because it helps with blood clotting, bone metabolism, accelerating wound healing and general health.

For the skin, Vitamin K assists with strengthening the delicate skin barrier and dermal structures like collagen and elastin. It helps to improve capillary strength and aids in reducing redness in the skin whilst encouraging hydration and suppleness. Vitamin K is a known vitamin to help with blood supply and skin recovery to encourage faster healing.

Blackberry Seed Oil also contains essential fatty acids like Linoleic and Alpha Linoleic Acids to help stop trans-epidermal water loss, increasing barrier strength, which is important for a healthy functioning skin. These fatty acids also aid in oil regulation which is why they can be also recommended for an oily, congested, or problematic skin. Essential fatty acids increase skin suppleness and help to repair and protect the skin cells.


By Wild Harvested Blackberry Seed Oil - Biologi

The Biologi By Blackberry Seed Oil is made from sustainable wild harvesting and produced from an upcycled process. By Blackberry Seed Oil is environmentally friendly thanks to its cold pressed extraction process, with no chemicals used in the process and no preservatives. By Blackberry Seed Oil is a super nutritive, Vitamin K rich oil recommended for all skin types and conditions that require an extra boost. 

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