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8 Tips For Your BEST Summer Makeup Look

Aug 23, 2021

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We are all in for a treat! In this article Ere Perez resident makeup artist; Bruna Reiss takes us through her 8 tips to create your BEST summer makeup look with all natural makeup products. 

 1. Skin preparation

The first thing to pay attention to is sun protection and proper skin hydration. If you’re using a conventional sunscreen it is best to apply before your moisturiser. If you are using a natural sunscreen then apply it after your moisturiser as it creates a physical barrier on the skin. 

Opt for oil-free moisturisers that are light and non-sticky, on sunny days these are best as it will reduce any greasiness on the skin. The Moringa All-beauty Cream from Ere Perez is perfect for sensitive skin and it leaves a beautiful glowy finish.

+ Moringa All-Beauty Crème


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2. Foundations

Light weight foundations are the best option for summer. The idea is to achieve the most natural look and avoid excess, especially on hotter days. You can also mix your full coverage foundation with a moisturiser to achieve a more natural finish.
To bring that summer tan to your makeup, you can get a foundation two or three shades deeper than your skin tone and mix a few drops into your daily foundation. You can dose the amount of the deeper foundation to make a mix as close as possible to your body skin tone.   

3. Setting powder Nourished, Ere Perez, Translucent Corn Powder, Natuurlijke Makeup, Natuurlijke Make-up, natural makeup, natural make-up

To keep your makeup natural and durable in summer, a good tip is to invest in a translucent powder that won't create a heavy layer on your skin, will control the shine in the t-zone and keep everything in place. You can also take the translucent powder with you in your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day.

+ Translucent Corn Powder 





Warm shades are the ones that best match the summer season. Shades of peach and reddish pink are pleasing colours that are easy to match with the rest of your makeup.

Powder blushes are perfect for those who prefer a more matte finish and it can be used as an eyeshadow too.

Cream blushes can be applied with the fingers and leave a luminous finish. Those ones can be used on eyelids and lips as well.

+ Tapioca cheek colour - Tokyo
+ Carrot Colour Pot - Hello 


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5. Lips  

It’s important to include a lip sunscreen in your daily sun protection routine. Hydration and repair are also important in the hottest season of the year. Lipsticks will always look better on lips that are protected from sun damage and well hydrated. There are many lip-balms and lip-tints that besides giving color to your lips, will also hydrate, leaving them soft, supple and gorgeous.

+ Beetroot Cheek and Lip Tint 
+ Wild Pansy Tinted Lipbar







6. Eyes 

Summer is the perfect time for us to play with colours. Take the opportunity to use eyeliners and coloured mascaras. You can create natural looks and let the eyes be the highlight. Applying a coloured eye pencil on the line of your eyelashes can make your look much more interesting. You can use your finger to blend it, this makes the process of applying easier and the finish prettier.

+ Jojoba Eye Pencil - Copper
+ Natural Almond Mascara - Mauve

 Ere Perez, Highlighter, Vanilla Highlighter, Natuurlijke Makeup, Natuurlijke Make-up7. Eyebrows

You can create a natural look on your eyebrows and make them noticed whilst at the same time, just embracing messy brows. Forget about the perfect shape and try a tinted textured gel to comb the hair up. The great tip for summer is to opt for sweat resistant products like the Argan Brow Hero from Ere Perez.


8. Highlighters

And last but not least: The highlighter. This product is the one responsible for your summer glow! You can apply it on cheekbones, inner eyes, brow bone, on top of the nose, cupid's bow, collar bone, shoulders or even as an eyeshadow.
The tip is to invest in liquid or creamy formulas. They are practical to apply because you can use your fingers, which always guarantees a more natural result, and can be used on other parts of the body like collar bone or even on the legs.

 + Vanilla Highlighter - Sun Halo 



Who also thinks that summer is the best season?


Check out Ere Perez resident MUA showing you how to create your BEST summer makeup look: