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7 Ingredients you don't want in your deodorant

Mar 01, 2021

7 Ingredients you don't want in your deodorant

Not sure what all the fuss is about making the switch to natural deodorant? Your armpits are the home to millions of sweat glands that are beautifully 'designed' to assist your body with temperature regulation and detoxification. Not to mention the lymphatic nodes that live in the area and play an important role in the bodies ability to fight against infection. Knowing this, don't you think it's a good idea to be cautious about what you rub into your pits?  

There are 7 main ingredients that you don't want in your deodorant and definitely want to avoid rubbing into your delicate armpits! Those 7 ingredients are: 

1. Aluminium compounds & salts 

    Aluminium is the most common active ingredient in many deodorants and antiperspirants. It essentially works by plugging the sweat glands to reduce or stop perspiration. Whilst this sounds like a great idea, there have been concerns about the use of aluminium compounds in skin products. Aluminium is a known hormone disrupter.  Once in the body, it mimics the effects of oestrogen; this hormone is found in high levels in many types of breast cancer which has led scientists to investigate further the potential links between aluminium-based deodorants and breast cancer.

    Aluminium is also of concern to those with impaired kidney function. Additionally there has been published research that found higher traces of aluminium Alzheimer’s patients brains than those without. Although these are only  correlations at this stage, and more research is required to draw a definite link, it is worth making the change now rather than waiting for the verdict, especially when there are so many great aluminium-free deodorants available!

    2. Alcohol

    Many deodorants & antiperspirants contain alcohol, which is often used to dissolve the different ingredients that have been combined and also to help the product dry quickly after application. Alcohol also acts to kill some of the bacteria in the armpit that forms odour, BUT it can also dry out the skin and lead to cracks, irritation and sensitivity. This can also be why some people have very sensitive skin in the armpits that may react to natural ingredients initially. Alcohol is often replaced by gentler ingredients in natural deodorants such as organic coconut oil and magnesium hydroxide, both which are known for their antibacterial characteristics.

    3. Parabens

    Parabens are synthetic compounds that are often included in personal care & beauty products like toothpastes, shampoos and deodorants to control fungus, bacteria and other undesirable microbes. Unfortunately, parabens can be absorbed by the skin and can act as hormone disruptors, mimicking the effects of oestrogen in the body and affecting the delicate balance of the endocrine system. Parabens have reportedly been found in breast tumour biopsies.  They could also possibly be found in your body right now! One study found that almost 100% of urine samples taken from random people, contained traces of paraben compounds. 

    While these findings are not a direct link to cancer or illness, many people opt to go paraben-free with their personal care & beauty product choices to avoid the risk. Many natural ingredients including clove oil can be used as antibacterials, anti-fungals and antiseptics instead.

    4. Propylene Glycol 

    Propylene glycol is a synthetic organic compound that is used as an additive in food – and also to de-ice airplane engines in cold conditions! It’s also used in beauty products and deodorants to soften their consistency, making application of the the product easier. Now, you would need to ingest a whole lot of propylene glycol to experience major adverse health effects, however there is concern about Propylene glycol when paired with other harmful ingredients as it can increase penetration and absorption through the skin. Let's not even go there!

    5. Triclosan

    Triclosan is an ingredient that is used as an antibacterial and preserving ingredient in many deodorants, hand washes & sanitisers as well as cosmetics. Studies have found that triclosan can act as a hormone disrupter, interfering with many of the bodies natural developmental and regulatory functions.  The American Food and Drug Administration has banned the triclosan from being used in consumer skin care products and now classes the agent as a pesticide.

    6. Phthalates

    Phthalates are included in many cosmetics, fragrances & perfumes and skincare products because they help to dissolve the combined ingredients of the product. Unfortunately, they’re also linked to many concerning health issues including pre-term births in pregnant women, asthma, early onset puberty, genital birth defects and reproductive issues. Phthalates are banned for use in personal care products under EU consumer law however, they often sneak their way in under pseudonyms and without undergoing regulatory checks. 

    7. Parfum or Fragrance

    Parfums & fragrance are often a mixture of chemicals that can trigger allergies, sensitivities, asthma and other health concerns including links to cancer. In fact, perfume & fragrance is now known to interfere with the endocrine-immune-neural axis that is crucial to the health of the body. Dubbed 'slow poisons' these compounds impact us slowly over the time as our body builds up 'memory & response' that accumulates with repeated exposure to these harmful compounds, which is why most people are blissfully unaware of the dangers of their fragrant deodorants until they develop symptoms. We recommend ditching perfume & fragrance from not only your deodorant, but all of your home and personal care products.   

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