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Why we choose Green over Black Friday

Oct 22, 2023

Why we choose Green over Black Friday

It's no surprise that we touch on this topic as it feels so close to our hearts. At Nourished we believe in taking good care of the planet, and the people & animals living on it. We love treating ourselves well and being kind to our skin whilst not compromising the environment. We therefore offer a wide range of clean and green products with clear ingredient lists, so you never have to worry or feel guilty about your purchase. 

Black Friday and its history

As it is officially the day after Thanksgiving, many people in the 1950s took the day off to go into the shops and buy presents for the holiday season. As shops started to notice an increase in sales they started to offer discounts and promotions to attract even more customers. Year after year the day became a worldwide invitation for a massive shopping spree harming our ecosystems intensively. Think about the number of impulsive purchases that lead to increased waste which then ends up in landfills, or the free shipping offers that lead to enormous peaks in carbon emissions. Nowadays Black Friday lasts until the following Monday, making it a prolonged event for consumerism. However, on a more positive note, we can learn to make different choices, opting for green over black.

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The Green alternative

Where Black Friday often leads to impulsive purchases increasing carbon emissions, poor worker conditions and piles of waste, Green Friday inspires people to make mindful and sustainable decisions. Simply put, it really encourages you to think more seriously about the products you would like to buy and ask yourself if you really need it. This also applies to gifting, which we know is a lot harder, because spoiling your friends and family with lovely gifts just feels so good! But remember, it is not about restraining yourself, rather about practising the importance of giving consciously.

What you can do 

We like to help you along with making these choices, turning black friday into a green, clean day for you.

  1. Maybe a no-brainer, but try to shop locally or from sustainable shops like ours where clean, natural & cruelty-free products are being offered.

  2. Make a list of the products that you would like to buy for yourself or that you would love to give to your loved ones. This way you prevent making unnecessary, wasteful purchases that you will regret.

    Need any inspiration with what to buy? Check out our blogpost: conscious gifting.

  3. Along the same lines as the previous tip, set a budget and choose beforehand how much you would like to spend. If you have an amount in mind, you could visit our designated blogs with selected gift ideas for different budgets.

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How we help

It is at the core of our business to offer carefully selected natural products that we love to use and therefore like to share with you. But on a special green day like this, we like to do more! Therefore we have decided to partner up with teamtrees. This means that for every order you place, a tree is planted. We have already planted 550 trees in total, so our Nourished forest is growing lovely. In addition to this, we will also be rewarding you for your conscious & honourable order with DOUBLE POINTS all weekend in your Friends of Nourished account. We know, this sounds AMAZING, right?! 

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