Nourished Journal

Conscious Gifting

Nov 02, 2022

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There seems to be a lot of talk about conscious gifting this time of year... but what exactly is conscious gifting? And why should we be thinking about it? 

What most of us don't realise is that we vote with our dollar. With every purchase we make we say YES to not only the product but also to the brand's philosophy, production & manufacturing methods, labour, ingredients, marketing, EVERYTHING! 

So this festive season, let's all say YES to the businesses who prioritise sustainable, fair trade, toxin-free, cruelty-free, natural products.

It is our mission to create a one-stop home for conscious beauty & lifestyle brands & products. We encourage transparency & ensure you can trust we have done the hard work researching these things, so you don't have to. Nourished makes conscious shopping & gifting easy for you, and great for the planet.

Need some inspiration? Check out some great ideas in our conscious gifts collection.