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Gifts under €20

Nov 17, 2023

Gifts under €20 | Nourished

Looking for an eco-friendly gift for under €20 for that consciously minded person in your life? This year we've made it easy for you, don't wander through the collections looking at every single price tag, simply explore our Gift guide for your budget and we will have an array of lusted after items to ensure that you are the favorite gift-giver this season no matter what your budget is.                

Gifts under €20

RAWW Cosmetics - Coconut Kiss Lipstick

Realize kissable lips with the Coconut Kiss Lipstick from RAWW Cosmetics. This lipstick is available in 9 different shades to make every make-up look more radiant. It is the perfect gift for someone who loves nourished and colored lips!

Gloss in a pot | RAWW Cosmetics | Natural makeup | Nourished

RAWW Cosmetics - Gloss in a Pot

The Coconut Plump Gloss in a Pot from RAWW Cosmetics is formulated to naturally boost your lip volume and hydration without any painful stinging or swelling. The gloss is available in 3 colors and with it's convenient size, it's perfect people who are always on-the-go. 

Coffee Scrub Bar Giftset Nourished Daily

Nourished Daily - Coffee Scrub Bar GIFTSET

The Coffee Scrub Bar Giftset from Nourished Daily is a real winner for all the coffee lovers out there! This natural Scrub Bar smells is powered by up cycled coffee grounds to create an energizing start to the day. The perfect gift for your friend, neighbour, kids teacher, cousin or colleague. The Coffee Scrub Bar comes elegantly wrapped and ready for gifting!

Nourished Daily - Body Wash 

Let your giftee fall in love with their daily washing ritual with this fresh & effective Body Wash from Nourished Daily. This body wash is suitable for even the most sensitve skin. The added Cucumber extract reduces inflammation and moisturises, leaving skin clean, calm & soft.  

Nourished - Giftcard

Not sure what to give your loved-one? Give them the gift of choice with a Nourished gift card. Your loved-one can browse thru our collections of the best clean beauty & natural living products and choose something they love!

Dry shampoo | Nourished x Romy | Nourished

Nourished x Romy - Dry Shampoo + Styling Powder + Scalp Treatment (cardboard shaker) 

Remedy greasy roots in a flash with the Nourished x Romy Dry Shampoo. If your giftee has never tried dry shampoo before they will truly believe you are a genius after discovering the miracles that the Nourished x Romy Dry Shampoo can perform. 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free & Curly Girl Method approved. 

Nourished x Romy - Bamboo Hairbrush 

The Nourished x Romy Bamboo Brush is our favourite sustainable hair brush to use every day. Tested and approved by us! Suitable for short hair, long hair, women's, men's & kids hair. This eco-friendly hair brush is even Curly Girl Method approved & is the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious.    

Sheet mask | Biologi

Biologi - Sheet Mask

Pamper your beloved person with one of the sheet masks from Biologi! These natural sheet masks are biodegradable and is created from coconut fibres which helps the skin absorb the serum in the mask better. It contains hydrating and anti-aging ingredients to give a boost to a mature & pigmentation skin. 

Weleda - Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil 

The Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil from Weleda is a super light two-in-one body and face spray. It has the lightness of a body mist but is infused with plant-based oils to nourish te skin. It's the perfect gift for everybody who loves a soft skin with a healthy glow! 

Kester Black - Nail Polish

Do you know someone who always has their nails on fleek? Then this nail polish is what you need to get them! Kester Back nail polish is 12-Free™ which means they strips out a lot of bad stuff. The nail polishes are available in many different colors, so there is something for everyone!

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