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Why Vitamin E is everywhere

Jul 01, 2024

Why Vitamin E is everywhere

You might not have heard of vitamin E oil before, but there's a good chance vitamin E has already found a place in your bathroom. Often added to creams and used as an oil, vitamin E can also be found in various products you might not even be aware of, such as anti-aging creams, eye serums, sunscreens, and makeup. This is because vitamin E enhances the absorption of other ingredients in your cosmetics. But that's not all—vitamin E has many more benefits. So, why is it so popular, and what are the benefits of incorporating vitamin E into your skincare routine?

What is vitamin E oil?

Vitamin E oil is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from harmful external influences like pollution and UV radiation. This oil is available in its pure form but can also be found in various skincare products like serums and creams. The most common scientific names for vitamin E in cosmetics are tocopheryl acetate and tocopherol. The great thing about vitamin E is that it's suitable for all skin types, although different forms of vitamin E might be better suited to specific skin types.

Applying vitamin E to your skin protects your delicate skin from damage due to its antioxidant properties. Moreover, it is highly moisturizing—it acts both as a humectant that helps absorb water into the skin and as an emollient that locks in moisture. It has even been shown to help alleviate symptoms of eczema and psoriasis in some people.

The benefits of Vitamin E for your face

Vitamin E oil is a real miracle worker for your skin. Whether you suffer from hyperpigmentation, premature aging, dry skin, or just want to protect your skin from the sun, vitamin E oil can be your best friend:

  1. Reduces hyperpigmentation

If you have dark spots on your skin, they are often caused by increased melanin production, leading to hyperpigmentation or melasma. Skin experts suggest that melasma can be treated with vitamin E. Studies even indicate that a combination of vitamins E and C can act as a natural sun protector and reduce hyperpigmentation. If you love spending time outdoors, this could be your new best friend. But don’t ditch your sunscreen—vitamin E doesn’t provide true UV filters but reduces UV damage and protects against further sun damage. If you’re looking for a sunscreen with all these ingredients, the Daily Face + Body Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 is ideal. It contains both vitamin E and C, along with a UV filter.

  1. Prevents skin aging

Dry skin is one of the major causes of premature skin aging. People with dry skin often develop wrinkles and fine lines more quickly. Vitamin E is packed with antioxidants that can improve blood circulation. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, vitamin E oil can keep your skin firm and youthful. Applying vitamin E oil can slow down the aging process of your skin, such as with Br - Organic Rosehip Oil.

  1. Improves dry skin

Vitamin E oil acts as a moisturizer to reduce and prevent dry skin. It reduces flakiness and its anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated skin. This oil is often associated with treating skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. A controlled study showed significant improvement in patients with atopic dermatitis with oral vitamin E supplements. Another study suggests that vitamin E oil can help treat psoriasis.

  1. Removes dirt

Vitamin E oil is a heavy emollient that removes dirt from your pores, leaving you with a fresh and smooth appearance. A few drops of vitamin E oil can work wonders. The combination of vitamins A and E helps remove acne-causing bacteria, as seen in the Goji Body & Face Cleansing Oil combined with the Activator 7 Oil.

  1. Reduces dark spots

Vitamin E oil is often recommended for treating dark spots, like acne scars and wound scars. Most spot-correcting products contain vitamin E oil as a key ingredient. While there's not enough evidence to fully support the effectiveness of vitamin E oil against acne, it can help reduce scarring.

  1. Prevents sunburn

Some studies have shown that using vitamin E oil can protect you from sunburn. Applying vitamin E oil to sunburned skin soothes it and reduces redness. One study even mentions reducing sun damage after applying vitamin E to the skin.

  1. Fights free radicals

Free radicals are caused by extreme sun exposure, environmental pollution, radiation, and tobacco smoke. They break down your collagen layer, leading to premature aging, spots, and unwanted acne outbreaks. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage to your skin cells caused by free radicals. It absorbs the energy from ultraviolet rays, protecting your skin cells. To improve your collagen from within, you might also try a Marine Collagen Supplement.

Testing Vitamin E on your skin

Before you enthusiastically start using vitamin E oil, we want to warn you that this oil is not suitable for everyone. Sometimes, vitamin E oil can cause allergic reactions. If you are allergic to vitamin E oil, your skin problems might even worsen. Fortunately, vitamin E oil doesn’t have severe side effects, but it's always good to be cautious. People with a history of allergies might experience mild side effects like slight skin irritation and redness. Test the oil on a small patch of skin to see how your skin reacts before applying it to your entire face. Always listen to your skin and stop using it if you notice it’s not working well for you.

Vitamin E as a powerful boost serum

You might have heard of vitamin E serum. This is actually a super-concentrated version of vitamin E oil, often mixed with other skin-friendly ingredients. Serums penetrate deep into your skin and work quickly and effectively. So, if you want to turbocharge your skincare, try the Serum of Plenty or the Quandong Green Booster Serum.

Vitamin E body oil for a radiant skin

Don’t think that vitamin E oil is just for your face. You can also use it on other dry or rough areas of your body, like your elbows, knees, and even your cuticles. It ensures that your skin stays soft and hydrated everywhere. As a bonus, this Cellular Repair Body + Face Lotion can be used all over your body and face.

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