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What can I do against a dry scalp and itchiness?

Aug 22, 2023

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Having a dry scalp or an itchy scalp can be a nightmare, we understand that all too well. If you are looking for a solution for a dry, itchy or flaky scalp, we can help you with that. In this article we will describe some solutions to tackle a dry scalp. Goodbye itchiness and flaky white particles!

How do you know if you suffer from a dry scalp?

An easy to recognize symptom is that the scalp starts to flake a little. This is a clear symptom, but you can also only feel it. Your skin pulls, feels tight and this is even worse just after showering and washing your hair. Sometimes you can also see that the scalp is red and inflamed. Dry skin is not the same as dandruff, a dry scalp results in small white flakes and with dandruff they are larger, oilier and often a bit more yellow in color.

How can a dry and itchy scalp occur? 

As with many skin conditions, it may be hereditary and run in the family. In addition, temperature changes can affect a dry scalp, other factors are hormones, stress and nutrition. Using too hot water is a common cause of a dry scalp. Last but not least is using the right shampoo for you. That is something to discover, continue to read more about this. 

How can you prevent a dry scalp?

It starts in the shower if you ask us. Make sure you don't shower too hot, better for your hair, your scalp and the rest of your body. Use a natural shampoo without synthetic perfume. Perfume can be irritating and synthetic ingredients can have a drying effect on your scalp and skin. Take a look at all our natural shampoos. 

Do not wash your hair too often! Try to wash your hair max 2 times a week so that you don't strip your scalp of the greasy layer on the scalp, that little layer should be there. A natural shampoo is much softer than a conventional shampoo so to make this switch is the first step :) to a healthy scalp. 

It is valuable for your overall health if you eat healthy and drink enough. That will not only make your dry scalp happy, but your entire skin and the rest of your body.

Choose the right products for you: 

+ Start with choosing a natural shampoo such as the Balancing Hair Wash from Sans [ceuticals] or the Nourished Cleanse + Refresh Hair wash. Both suitable for a dry & sensitive scalp.

+ Take care of your ends/mid-lengths with a natural conditioner. Match your shampoo with the Balancing Hair Hydratant from Sans [ceuticals] or the Nourished Restore + Repair Conditioner

+ Take care of and treat your dry scalp with an oil! We recommend the Luxurious Hair + Scalp Treatment Oil from Nourished, or use the Activator 7 Oil from Sans [ceuticals]. With the Nourished Hair Oil you can easily drip the oil over the scalp with the pipette, spread with your fingers and let it work its magic overnight. Wash your hair the next morning, repeat each time before washing your hair.

If you continue to suffer from a dry scalp, it is wise to investigate this further. You may suffer from eczema or be allergic to a certain ingredient.

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